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Movie Review Thread 4.0: The Unnecessary Reboot

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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot - Review (2019)

The Good
The Performances of Jason Mewes (Jay), Kevin Smith (Silent Bob), and Harley Quinn Smith as Jay's Daughter. 

Kevin Smith's direction and hilarious on the nose script. 

The Cameos of characters from the View Askewniverse films. 

Camoes from guest stars which is really funny

There was alot more heart in this then I expected. 

The ending is perfect 

The Bad
The reveal is kinda ridiculous same with the final Battle.

Final Thoughts: I dont wanna spoil much cause this is a return to form for Kevin Smith and one of the funniest movies of the year and I cant wait for Clerks III

Overall Grade: A-


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Marriage Story - Review (2019)

The Good
Adam Driver and Scarlet Johansson's performances are fucking amazing probably the best performances of the year so far.

Noah Baumbach's phenomenal direction and amazing screenplay.

Laura Dern and Alan Alda are also fantastic as both their respected lawyers, Laura Dern being the stand out supporting role.

Its gives both Johansson and Driver their own seperate screentime not making you pick sides.

The One Arguement scene is heart shattering.

Randy Newman's beautiful score.

Robbie Ryan's Cinematography.

The Bad

Final Thoughts: Marriage Story is Noah Baumbach's best film yet and Driver, Johansson, and Dern should most definitely get Acting Nominations.

Overall Grade: A+


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Jumanji: The Next Level - Review (2019)

The Good
Danny DeVito (DeVito mainly) and Danny Glover are great new additions to the film.

The Rock trying to act like DeVito at first is distracting, but you get used to it as the movie goes on.

Kevin Hart trying to act like Glover is hilarious

Jake Kasdan's decent direction

And their story arc was really good

Ser'Darius Blain is also great again this time Jack Black trying to be him is even hilarious.

Morgan Turner is good and Karen Gillan plays as her avatar again.

There is a cool part later in the film.

Visuals are pretty decent

The Post credit sets up a more interesting sequel than this one.

The Middle
Jokes are hit or miss.

The Bad
Alex Wolff's choice to repair the game and drag his friends and now his grandfather and his friend into the game where they almost died just makes him a idiot which that's basically the gist of the plot and Awkwafina plays him (who's is at least good in this) this time, his character arc is just the same as the first like he learned nothing.

Collin Hanks/Nick Jonas is forced back into the plot which is dumb his character arc was finished in the last movie.

Theres no character development

It nearly feels like the previous film

Madison Iseman is sidelined for a long time until the last act of the movie.

Rory McCann who plays the villain this time is pretty generic just like the previous films villain.

Lazy callbacks from the last movie

It sometimes feel hey the last movie a huge success let's just somewhat try to do it over again.

Final Thoughts: While no where near as good as the previous movie and definitely not better than the first Jumanji, but still pretty fun ok movie even though it just feels like the last movie again.

Overall Grade: C+


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The Nightingale - Review (2019)

The Good
Jennifer Kent's direction being her 2nd film since The Babadook and her screenplay.

Aisling Franciosi's phenomenal performance that will be under looked at the oscars

Sam Claflin I also thought was phenomenal as the villain of movie and I really hated his character

Once the movie became a Revenge story that's when the movie started picking up.

Radek Ladczuk beautiful Cinematography.

Jed Kurzel's score who also did The Babadook

The Bad
Alot of rape which I'm not really a fan of.

Final Thoughts: The Nightingale wont be for everyone, some willed either love it or hate it, but I thought it was a great 2nd film for Jennifer Kent.

Overall Grade: A-


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6 Underground - Review (2019)

The Good
Ryan Reynolds does his best to make this movie work. 

The Bad
Michael Bay's obviously awful direction it's the most Michael Bay movie in the worst ways possible. 

Awful almost acid trip opening sequence. 

Introducing characters copy from Suicide Squad which Michael Bay did before in the awful Transformers: The Last Knight. 

The writing is atrocious and it's from the Deadpool writers but I forgot Michael Bay makes good writers worse. 

Dave Franco is wasted big time. 

The other cast members are just there. 

Awful camera angles like he always does

Awful slowmotion moments even in scenes where it doesnt need it. 

Product placements

Offensive moments

The editing is horrible almost like Reaident Evil: The Final Chapter

It goes from one random to another random song and it just annoying as shit. 

Final Thoughts: Michael Bay once again destroys my excitement of a movie he makes again and just makes shit again and again.

Overall Grade: F


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