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Movie Review Thread 4.0: The Unnecessary Reboot

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Spider-Man 2 - Review The Positives: The story.  The story IMO was excellent.  It was well written, structured and detailed.  I also liked the fact that it implements some comic accuracies.

Doctor Strange Review The Good Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange - He is Fantastic once you see this movie you can not see anyone play Strange other than Cumberbatch, he understands the ch

Hello True believers, This is your boy MDCFAN101 here to give you guys a series of 3 special movie reviews here on the thread.  Starting today, I will reviewing a trilogy, a very special trilogy

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Jungle Cruise - Review (2021)

The Good
The Rock and Emilly Blunt's performances and chemistry. 

Jaume Collet-Serra's decent direction. 

The iver the top Jesse Plemons villain and Édgar Ramírez. 

Jack Whitehall who is great as Emily Bunt's characters brother. 

Paul Giamatti has a small part, but hes hilarious. 

Veronica Falcón is also great small role. 

Andy Nyman's cameo

The Feeling of Adventure is there. 

Theres actual unexpected twist and turns.

The Production design is fantastic. 

The visuals are hit or miss. 

The Bad
The Screenolay that was written by 5 people really shows as its just a familiar plot and not so great dialogue with the Rock doing cheesy Dad jokes. 

The Action Sequences are pretty generic. 

Spending $200 Million and hoping this will be a franchise cause it probably won't be. 

It is too long which messes with the pacing. 

Final Thoughts: Jungle Cruise is a fun film, but probably won't ever watch again and probably never getting a sequel since Disney dumb to spend $200 Million.

Overall Grade: B


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The Green Knight - Review (2021)

The Good
David Lowery's Direction and Screenplay.

Dev Patel's performance is amazing

The other performances from Alicia Vikander, Joel Edgerton, Sarita Choudhury, Sean Harris, Ralph Ineson as The Green Knight,  Kate Dickie, Barry Keoghan, Erin Kellyman, and Megan Tiernan. 

Andrew Droz Palermo's beautiful Cinematography.

Daniel Hart's Score is fantastic. 

The Costume Design is awesome. 

The Practical and Visual Effects are amazing and on a $15 Million Budget too, which once again is sad that most big block busters films Visuals suck ass. 

Its a very slow burn more like this is the Fantasy Genre's Blade Runner. 

The Bad
It's not for everyone who don't like slow burn movies, if you do then thats great, but I don't really recommend if you dont

Final Thoughts: The Green Knight is another fantastic movie from David Lowery and like A Ghost Story its not for everyone. 

Overall Grade: A


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