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I don't enjoy Tim Allen movies in all honesty, wasn't even a fan of home improvement growing up. But Galaxy Quest was hilarious!  I love everything about that movie :) And we all lnow Sam Rockwell stole the show hahahaha

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Talk about childhood cheesy movies. Remember Puppet master? I love this franchise :) Not because it's well done or well acted... It's just a guilty nostalgic pleasure. Makes me feel like a kid again :)... a dumb one sadly hahahaha


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Ready to Rumble

Not the best movie of all time hahaha, definitely not. But certainly a guilty pleasure for sure. I've been a wrestling fan since I was 5. From the ECW, WCW and "WWF" days. 

So any movie that has Goldberg, Sting, Mr.619 himself (without a mask) and many more. Not to mention one of the co-stars actually won the WCW title... for real, go google it.

Guilty Pleasure all the way :) 


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