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Is the Rock A Thon still happening even with the low Patreon amount?

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Good Morning! New member, I'm not a forum guy but I had question, I reached out to Phil on twitter and he hasn't answered me so I'll ask here.

Woke up to this:



I know the threshold is 1250, but I'm not sure what day was the deadline if it passed or not. Enjoyed the last one and was looking forward to 2.0.

Wait found what I was looking for:


So I guess that means its on! Still crazy how much the Patreon funding went down..


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Found my answer.

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To answer the question, Phil posts daily updates on what he is playing and the Patreon status. As of last night, it is clear that processing has not been completed. 

As for the bickering, it needs to stop. 

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