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What Are You Listening To 4.0

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Cormega- Montana Diary

Soundgarden - Jesus Christ Pose since that song with four other Soundgarden songs will be tomorrow's Rocksmith DLC.

I listen to Hungarian band Apey! They play some sort of grunge. Very acoustic and beutiful voice!    

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Vodka & Ayahuasca by Gangrene(Oh No & Alchemist) Title track from their second LP as a group. 

Not only a dope as fuck song but a brilliant  low budget video made with nothing more a rented U-Haul and clever use of YouTube U-Haul videos. Directed by my favorite music video director Jason Goldwatch. 

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Hey there babe! 

Did you know bad boys goto New Jerusalem aka Nu Jeruz aka New Jersey? (So do BAD BITCHES). I can confirm 2/3 and suspect the third at a minimum owns property in Jerz. The Negatron Don aka Just Blaze is from Patterson NJ and can confirm Muslims were celebrating 9/11 on the Patterson streets. Knowing what I know, I would have been cheering too. The Legendary Kool G Rap hails from Hammonton, NJ. And I’d be shocked if Saigon doesn’t own at least one property in the promised land, it’s not his style. The letter P...just like PHONY

I also recommend the enlightening song known as Contraband...just like the pic below!!! Big ups to Saigon, HBO ain’t use you right!!!


I’d bet anything, you know the correct answer to every one of Saigon’s questions...Thanks for giving me Hilary Clinton kankles in this pic...very funny, like your face!!!!!


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I’m experiencing technical and 15 year old scotch difficulties just like me posting a pic of Saigon’s first rawkus record featuring Buddy Christ, A personal message from Saigon and my infamous Air Johnnie America’s. 

My Lady, this is the end of...



Get ready for...



“Cross streets where reality and hardcore times meet/in my youth I was a wildcat, put my tires in reverse and get some miles back”


“Never mistake my kindness for a weakness “



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