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Funniest Moments Of 2016 Nomination Thread

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With 2015 gone, in comes 2016 with a bright new future of hilarious and funny moments for us to enjoy, post, nominate and in the future vote on at the end of the year. So if you saw something you believe that is was incredibly funny, please do not hesitate on posting the video in this thread.

What videos are eligible?

All videos starting from January 1st, 2016 and forward. 

How can I submit the video?

Go to the video you wish to submit and press on the "Share" button. Under the share link, you'll see a box that says "Start At" and the timer as shown below.


When you click on the box, the link will change with the time stamp on where the funniest moment of the video will start. 

So I post the link and that's it?

Not really. Although not necessary but INCREDIBLY helpful is to add the starting and ending point of the funniest moment in your post. After that, you must first place a "Spoiler" box in your post to help large page loads. The spoiler box is the button with the Eye on it, shown in the pic below.


After that, when you put the link inside of the spoiler box, press Enter to activate the link and formatting itself into a video, as shown below in the pics.



And that's it. If you did everything correctly, the video should be inside the Spoiler Box and should start from the part of the funniest moment. I hope this post was helpful and informative. Please enjoy your stay and enjoy the hilarity that is to come in 2016 at the expense of DSP. 


PS. For some fucking reason the thread killed all the pictures and had to put the links direct to them. -___-

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Just want to say thanks to those who are still posting up here, this REALLY helps me at the end of the year! Expect to see some of your nominations for my Funniest Moments series come December/January!

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