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Funniest Moments Of 2016 Nomination Thread

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9:03 to 9:32 DarksydePhil for Best Park Ranger of the Year! lolz  

13:15 - 13:50  

Only the first day of May and I think we already have a winner.

this one many people might file under the "controversial" category instead of "funny", but for me it's a loud and proud 2016 signature moment.

It's a multi-part moment cause it needs a buildup.


Persona 3 FES

pt.1 7:02-7:27



followed by pt 165 , 0:00-0:08





, pt 165 ; 26:42-27:38



and pt 166, 18:05-20:10




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misplaced spoiler, typo
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Updating with newer videos soon sorry about that my bad I'll put in some videos soon my sincere apologye I'll find something give me time thanks for understanding

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The video was in 2015 I have to look for newer videos
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