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Hey Phil With TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan coming out from PlatinumGames and you being a fan of classic cartoons and with them doing the Transformers gen 1 so well with Devastation. What other clas

Hey, Philip. Since you love both Dead space and Resident Evil, in your mindset which game has the better plot, characters, action/horror, and if you had to choose between two enemies to fight in one o

I noticed in your KOGaming videos you introduce yourself as "Phil here on behalf of KOGaming" which to me creates the idea that the channel is simply a platform for your conent rather than an alter eg

Hey Phil, first time asker here!

Why is it that you always start any fighting game coverage from either at their main menus or the start of an actual match? I feel as if, should you want the viewer to experience what they are going to experience when getting a new game, that you should show all screens from the start of the PS4 or XBL system menus. You say a lot that you are like the 'common gamer' in which you go to a gamestop, pick up a game and come home and play it. But the common gamer see all screens before just jumping into a match. Thanks for answering!  

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16 hours ago, Samus said:

maybe I did not make myself clear.  make a live reaction to a video with the video playing at the same time and him reacting like some others I have seen do.  I used BvS as an example like I said I have seen all of his reactions.

I see what you mean. I guess it's a idea........

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Hi phil, I would like to ask you on your opinion on the recent anime you have watched. Ever since you moved to Washington, you've watched Attack on Titan, Another and you considered Tokyo ghoul. So I would like to ask on your opinions on these shows and would your consider watching more anime in your free time. Thanks for answering the question.

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Good morning Phil.

I've recently gotten a job a few years ago at Round Table Pizza which is without a doubt the best pizza chain on the west coast. Not the best pizza, the best pizza chain. It varies depending on the store and employees of course. Can you do a DSP Tries It on it? I'm curious to how it stacks up against east coast pizza since I'll probably never go there. According to their internet, there are a few in Seattle but it's fairly expensive, at least in the SF bay area. So I could send you a gift card as an early birthday present or if understandably you don't want to give your mailing address to strangers on the internet, Patreon works too.

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Hey Phil,

During your previous WiP (Feb 28, 2016), which mentioned the release of Zelda Twilight Princess HD tomorrow, and the possibility of skipping on The Division next week, wouldn't it be best to tackle your Patreon's Choice Playthrough during the week where nothing much is going on? With this, you'd be able to tackle it to early on without it being pushed later on to the later months. This would involve the voting to close by the end of this week, but as I've heard that Persona 3 is winning by a huge lead, maybe it might be a good idea to close it at the end of this week, but thats just me, maybe it could turnover later on but I feel with this week with only zelda for the next week, you could potentially do the Patreon's Choice Playthrough as well.

Now the next Street Fighter V DLC may launch next week as well and that could interfere, but I think it would be best to tackle it on early to see if it'll be a game you'd want to or not to do a full play through of it

I do apologize ahead of time of the streams of the Patreon's Choice playthrough are gonna be long streams as the marathons, as I was assuming they'd be normal stream lengths of the game


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