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Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

MDC here back to give you guys an interesting new thread.  This thread will enable you post up your own personal review on video games.

Let me start by reviewing Lego Marvel Superheroes and Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham.

First, Lego Marvel Superheroes.  Outstanding game.  Great cast of characters, immense content, beautiful graphics and voice acting, solid gameplay, and very good arsenal and display of abilities.  Very little gamebugs and glitches.  Story was well written and the humor was very cute.  However, I do have some complaints like why can't Spider-man hack terminals cuz he is a super genius, and why doesn't have his super strength?  That makes no sense.  Black Panther not being able to hack terminals also does not make sense.  Luke Cage should have some invulnerability.  The Kingpin should not be a big figure because he is not that powerful.  The Absorbing Man is freaking useless.  Carl "Crusher" Creel is one of the most powerful beings in Marvel for one simple reason, HE ABSORBS EVERYTHING HE TOUCHES!!!  This man can absorb almost all forms of energy.  He is capable of going to toe-to-toe with Thor, Hulk, and many other Marvel Heroes and Villains no problem.  In this game, all he is a guy running around with a ball and chain wrecking shit. WTF??!!  I'm sorry but that is horrible programming.  The Free Roaming is awesome, the Bonus missions are entertaining, and of course it is sure as hell awesome to see of the greatest comic icons, Stan Lee make an appearance.  Playing as him is a blast!!!  In general, Lego Marvel Superheroes is a blast and a classic to fans of the Marvel Universe.

Score: 9.5/10:wub:

Now, I'll review Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham.  First, I'll say it should've been called Lego DC Superheroes 2 because you are playing with the entire DC Comics lore.  It is called Lego Batman 3 because to celebrate the 75+ years of Batman.  Outside of the amount of bugs and glitches the game has, it is still enjoyable.  The game has a lot of content, a great cast of characters, great voice acting, solid gameplay, and a very good arsenal and display of abilities.  I do have similar complaints like it makes no sense for Superman and Batman unable to hack terminals, for Captain Marvel to have no nigh-invulnerability, and for Wonder Woman and Aquaman to have no super strength.  Other than that, it is cool to see Adam West make an appearance, as well as the humor being hilarious.  Overall, the game is both a step up and step down from Lego DC Superheroes.

Score: 7.5/10


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Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

MDC here to give you another game review.

I have just finished my playthrough of Batman Arkham Asylum.  Outstanding game.  The first entry of the series created by Rocksteady.  I consider this game to be the one that brought Batman back into gaming.  The graphics, story, gameplay, cast of characters, voice acting, and amount of content are outstanding.  I am happy that I was able to have my own experiences with this game.

Overall score: 9/10:wub:


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Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

MDC here to give you guys a special video game review after taking several months to beat a game that I personally consider to be Rockstar's best game, Red Dead Redemption.

Rockstar is highly well known for its Grand Theft Auto franchise in which people roam around and act like complete asshats.  While I was growing up, I had to deal with kids within my age level brag about their idiotic experiences playing GTA and insulting me and my family for not allowing me to experience mature rated content at a very young age.  Good thing I did wait because I would've become asshats like they did.  Anywho, Red Dead Redemption is a video game that takes place in the Ol' Wild West.  The main character is John Marston, a former outlaw that is being blackmailed by corrupt law enforcement officials to go out and hunt down his old gang.  Throughout the course of the game, you get to see the development of Marston's character whether its meeting new people throughout the course of the story, stopping random crimes in the process, eradicating territories filled with criminals, and of course my favorite side mission, bounty hunting.  You can also free roam (which is an awesome experience), help strangers in distress, collect wild flowers, hunt wild animals (i.e. cougars, buffalos, deer, wolves, elk, bears, birds, etc.), get new wild horses, herd cattle, play poker, horse shoes, five finger fillet, and arm wrestling.  And of course, like all Rockstar games, you can go around and act like an ass, however, your action can give you either negative levels of fame and honor or positive levels of fame and honor.  The story, cast of characters, voice acting, depth of side content, free roaming, and of course the soundtrack is absolutely amazing.  This game does the western genre justice.  Playing this game gives you a great experience of the old west and makes you feel you are watching a western movie.  Growing up, I loved watching western like re-runs of the Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Gene Autry Show, old John Wayne westerns, some Clint Eastwood spaghetti western, and my personal favorite western film, Tombstone, starring Sam Elliot, Bill Paxton, Kurt Russel as Wyatt Earp and Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday.  This game is a high recommendation and I hope it gets a sequel.

Score: 10/10

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As soon as i am done with Bloodborne i will post up my own personal review of the game and what i honestly think of the game, some may agree and some may disagree, and some may want to get pitchforks out and hunt me until the end of time. But the review will be based of my experence of the game (not dlc).

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On 2/23/2016 at 3:06 AM, Darksphere92 said:

As soon as i am done with Bloodborne i will post up my own personal review of the game and what i honestly think of the game, some may agree and some may disagree, and some may want to get pitchforks out and hunt me until the end of time. But the review will be based of my experence of the game (not dlc).

That is why I posted this thread.

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Hello Ladies and Gents,

MDC here to give you a very special review regarding one of my personal favorite video games of all time.  I am going to review:

Spider-Man 2.jpg

Spider-Man 2 the Movie Game.

Many of you guys know that I am a huge fan of Spider-Man.  I've been a Spidey fan since I was 7 years old after I watched the 2002 Spider-Man film.  Spider-man is my favorite hero and character in comics and he is among my favorite characters in all of fiction.  Spider-man 2 is second favorite superhero film of all time behind Watchmen.  However, I am not here to review Spidey nor the film, I am here to review the game so sit down, stick around and enjoy.

It is quite clear that movie-tie-in games do not have a very good reputation.  However, the reason why SM2 has talked about a lot over the years is because Treyarch and Activision did a good enough job in separating this game from the rest.  I will back up this claim because I have played and beat this game several times on the original Xbox.  Even though the game is mostly based on the film, it is still fun and entertaining.  The graphics are outstanding.  New York City looks incredible, you would truly feel you are in NYC.  The voice acting is very good.  Tobey MacGuire, Kirsten Dunst, and Alfred Molina do a solid job reprising their roles as Spidey, MJ, and Doc Ock.  The controls are 100% functional.  The combat system is great, you can actually dodge enemies attacks.  All you have to do is press a certain button when Spidey's head flashes (which of course indicates his Spider-Sense).  However, the best thing about the game is the free roam.  This games makes you feel that you are Spider-man by swinging through the streets of Manhattan, interacting with its citizens, helping civilians in distress, stopping crimes in progress, scaling through buildings and skyscrapers, and as well as encountering some of Spidey's most iconic villains such as Rhino, Shocker, Mysterio, and Doc Ock.  In previous Spider-man games , you were limited to certain environments.  In SM2, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want, and how you want.  You can also do challenge missions, hangout at arcades, take photos for the Daily Bugle, deliver pizzas, and find secret tokens scattered across the city.

Now despite these positives, there are some negatives that have to addressed.  You will find some game bugs and glitches, hear some bad dialogue, endure a really bad camera, and have to deal with some annoying side missions (i.e. returning a child his/her balloon).

Other than that, the game is awesome.  A high recommendation especially if you are a huge Spider-man fan.  PEACE!!!!

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Ok so let's start, be warned while i don't think this was a bad idea, it to me is not justified as a game, a game has some kind of real gameplay.

rather it's Racing,Solving Puzzles,Shooting, Hack and Slashing,Walking Around, Role Playing, those are some of gameplay elements, not watching Videos, this aint Youtube.

a non-SJW Review. it's time to clear out the 9s and 10s this has been getting.


Good acting and a good actress

Good Story

Good and interesting music

interesting idea.


No replayiablity

no real game play, it's more of a searchbar sim and video watching sim.

not really a game imo, should have probably been a mini online web series.

All you do is watch videos in the "game" until you are greeted when a chat icon that will let you finish the game.

Nitpick: i've noticed some, somewhat reused clips in the game, or at least simular clips that had the same wording/saying.

My Score for this game is 5.7 out of 10, not a real game. 

in fact it was and is an interesting idea, but to call this a game, which it's not as stated above

all you do is search for words in the search bar of the "game" and watch the movies until you fill up the most/half of the boxes in the DB Checker.

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Hello Ladies and Gents,

MDC is back to give you guys another interesting review.  Today, I will be reviewing the 2006 RPG superhero game, Justice League Heroes.  This game came out during the same time as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1.  However, while this game has received acclaim from critics and audiences, the game is incrediblely underrated, underappreciated, and under the radar.  Yeah, for some weird reason not many people talk about this game.  Well, that's why you have guys like me to inform on games such as this.  So sit back, relax, and as always enjoy.

Justice League Heroes is a video game adaption of the premiere superhero team of the DC Universe, the Justice League.  Like the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series and X-Men Legends series, JLH has an original story.  However, the story is written by legendary writer Dwayne McDuffie.  Dwayne MCDuffie is well known for creating the characters Static Shock and Icon, as well as having a huge role in the creation of the DC Animated Universe and the Ben 10 franchise.  The story of JLH is outstanding.  It is well written, gives out phenominal character development, and stays true to the lore of the Justice League.  The cast of characters are phenominal.  I mean, other than the selection of playable Justice League Heroes, the cast of villains are jaw dropping.  Several legendary and iconic DC comics villains make an appearance in this game: Darkseid, Doomsday, Brainiac, Killer Frost, Queen Bee, the White Martians, and Gorilla Grodd.  While the selection of playable heroes are incredible small compared to the Marvel Ultimate Alliance and X-Men Legends franchises, they are awesome and fun to play, from the 7 main heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Wally West, John Stewart, Martian Manhunter, and Zatanna, to the unlockable heroes such as Aquaman, Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, Green Arrow, Hawkgirl Huntress, Supergirl and Black Canary.  My favorites were Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman.  The voice acting is tremendous.  You have Ron Perlman voicing Batman, Michael Jai White voicing John Stewart, and Peter Jessop reprising his role as Brainiac from the DC Animated Universe.  The graphics, character design, and level design are absolutely out of this world.  You will get the feeling that you were watching Justice League TV series.

While the gameplay is very similar to that of the X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance franchises, it has some differences.  Each character has a combo meter which increases the more combos you pull off.  You can apply boosts to the amount of points you have applied to uprade your powers.  Also, you can perform combos while weilding vehicles, trees, street lamps/poles, chairs, tables, etc.

However, here are the key differences.  The game is only 2 player co-op.  You can't customize your own team, and you can't swap out characters.  Outside of that, the game is still awesome.

The only negative I can say about the game is that the camera system is not very good at all.  Though, I can also nitpick that the game was a lot more challenging than I thought, but nethertheless, the experience was awesome.

With that said, Justice League Heroes is a master piece.  If you are a huge fan of RPGs, superheroes, comics, as well as the Justice League, give this game a go.

Overall score: 9/10


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Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

Welcome to the next installment of my Unwanted DLC Video Game review thread where I do my best to give you guys and gals maximum truth, complete and utter honesty as well as no bullshit.  Today I will be reviewing one of the most highly regarded Lego video games, Lego Marvel Avengers from 2016.


  1. The story.  The game does an excellent job in following the plot from the first 2 Avengers films, The Avengers from 2012, & Avengers: Age of Ultron from 2015.
  2. While the game packed with great action, it is also packed with hilarious like every other Lego game.
  3. The graphics, character models, character designs, CGI, visuals, special effects, and sound effects are excellent.
  4. The controls are great and very functional
  5. The game definitely has replay ability and value.
  6. The game has tons of content (i.e. collection of studs, gold bricks, red power bricks, minikits, saving Stan Lee, and finding secret characters.
  7. The game has approximately 200 secret characters to find and unlock.  If you add them plus the main characters from the story and the characters from the DLC character packs, you're going to have a ton of characters to play with.
  8. The gameplay is awesome.  Stays true to the Lego video game formula.
  9. The voice acting is top notch.  It even includes some of the cast from the MCU (i.e. RDJ, Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston, James Spader, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, and Jeremy Renner).
  10. Much like Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, the game has multiple hub worlds.


  1. The driving controls are horrible.  At least from my experience.
  2. While the game is well polished, it does have some bugs and glitches.

Overall:  The game is excellent and definitely one of the best Lego games out there.

Grade: A


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Hello Ladies, Gentlemen, True Believers, and new comers alike, it is I, MDCFAN101, here to give you guys another video game review.  This one will about the Incredible Hulk movie game from 2008.


  • The graphics, character designs, and character models are actually pretty nice and decent to look at.
  • Voice acting is excellent.  You have Ed Norton as Bruce Banner, Liv Tyler as Betty Ross, William Hurt as General Ross, Tim Roth as Emil Blonsky, Tim Blake Nelson as Dr. Samuel Sterns, and Rachel McFarlane as Vapor
  • The Open World atmosphere
  • The destructibility. As in the insane amount of destruction you can cause.  Pretty much everything in this game can be smashed including the buildings.
  • The story is good and does well enough to follow the movie.
  • Additional content such as secret characters, mini games, gamma and fury canisters, landmark tokens, comic book covers, and jump challenges
  • The additions of Rick Jones, the Enclave, Bi-Beast, Major Glenn Talbot, and the U-Foes are nice.  Gives you some classic Incredible Hulk comic nostalgia.
  • Fast travel via Subway system


  • Camera system isn't very good
  • Quite a bit of game bugs and glitches
  • While the combat and gamelay is fun, it could've been and should've been better and done better too.  Radical Entertainment should've made this game TBH.
  • It feels like a watered down version of Ultimate Destruction to some extent.

Overall: This game is pretty fun, but it has it's problems.  This is a game I would consider giving a shot and as a decent rental.  It is not a bad movie tie-tin game, but it is definitely one of the weaker ones.

Grade: C+


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Hello Ladies, Gentlemen, True Believers, and new comers alike, MDCFAN101 here to give you guys a very special video game review.  Today, I am going to review a game that I've held near and dear to my heart since childhood.  A game that I personally consider to be among the best superhero games of all time.  Folks, I give you Marvel Ultimate Alliance from 2006.

The Positives:

  • The story is amazing.  I love the fact that the story is 100% original.  It is not based on a comic, animated series nor movie.  It is own original story.
  • The cast of playable characters are awesome.  It features the likes of Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, the Fantastic Four, Storm, Iceman, Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, Silver Surfer, Blade, and others.
  • The graphics, CG, character designs, character designs, visuals, special effects, and sound effects are awesome.
  • The soundtrack/music the game has is also pretty damn good.
  • The game play is excellent.  It is very similar to the game play from the X-Men Legends series.
  • The voice acting is marvelous.  (No pun intended)
  • The game is very well polished.  It has very little game bugs and glitches.
  • It features additional content such as comic book missions and simulator missions.


  • None. 

Overall: This game is an absolute masterpiece as far as I am concerned.  It is literally one of the best superhero games I have ever played in my life.  Hell, I would recommend this game to anyone.  You do not have to be a big Marvel Comics fan to have fun with this game.

Grade: A+

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