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Hi, guys - Gifted Guy here.


Just got banned from the stream chat, again. If you go to "Has DSP ever disappointed you?", you'll be able to catch up on what happened. I have no problem with being banned from the chat (well, I do actually but I have to watch what I say here right?).

But I do have a problem with being insulted for no reason. Calling me a bipolar idiot - someone with Aspergers no less - that's crossing the line. I'll be honest here, I was never a fan. I came here to interact with people because I've been feeling isolated over the past few years.

The "detractor" community has been a lot more welcome than this one. And I'm so tired of them being falsely accused of "trolling", "hating" - it's ludicrous.

So I must leave you - these things happen. And DSP, godspeed to you. Because you've made a lot of people angry. Me, most of all. I'm done here.



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