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Manga that you disliked, but are praised by others

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Yea, totally stole the topic idea. Had to do my own since I pretty much never have the time to watch anime. I do read tons of manga though...

Attack on Titan. I'm somewhat torn on this one. I really liked the start, and I still do buy the series when it comes out in my country, but I just feel it had more potential to the plot. 2/10, too many titans ^^. ((In all seriousness, would rate 6/10)). It's not a bad series by any means though.

Tokyo Ghoul. Oh my... A series I got into thanks to my lovely customers reading it and me wanting to talk about it. I liked the series at start, thought it would be a nice "what are humans to a race far superior to them but a food source" series. Sadly, it plummeted into pretty boys getting hurt and being all sad with massive amounts of violence tossed in. Bleargh.

Ikki Tousen/Battle Vixens. I really can't put my finger on this one, on what to blame. I usually love fan service ecchi series with a deep burning passion. I read Freezing, I read Monster Musume, Kanokon and so on, and love those. This series however, I bought the first volume and just dropped it. I fail to understand what's good about it, but can't really say what's the thing that makes me dislike it either. Weeeird ^^

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