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Hi guys, I've just awoken from the induced coma doctors had to put me in after Sony gave me cardiac arrest with their 10,000mph press conference. I mean, holy shit. What a show. All killer, no fi


i think he mad becuase it for PS4 only.

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wow it's almost E3 time already, time flies cant wait to see what Nintendo "has".

Ubisoft will probably show Watch_Dogs 2, and maybe another AC.

EA, Battlefield 1 and Sport Games.

Bethesda, probably Dishonored 2.

Square of course Deus Ex and the FF, and maybe KH 2.8 and KH3.

Microsoft, Gears, and maybe just maybe Dead Rising 4.

and for Sony who knows maybe The Last Guardian and something else.

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  • Square-Enix will show more of the Final Fantasy remake, release date
  • EA will show Mass Effect Andromeda
  • Bethesda ...don't know, don't really care
  • Kadokawa...Who?
  • MS Will show Scorpion at cheaper price than Neo
  • PC Gaming Show New video cards will be shown
  • Ubisoft Watch Dogs 2?
  • Sony Will show Neo bundled with VR are set for $100-150 more than Xbox Scorpion.
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On 6/7/2016 at 6:14 PM, MasterOfAwesomeness said:

Note: Please keep all E3 conversations in this thread. 



Thanks for posting that graph. It is really helpful. I know I am in the minority here, but I want to see gameplay of Dengar and Lando for star wars battlefront.

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Just dropping in to recommend Easy Allies as people's E3 coverage of choice. You may have seen the great reactions the GameTrailers guys had to some of the crazy announcements last year, and now they're covering this year's event with just as much jolliness: twitch.tv/easyallies

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So, we saw the following:

Titanfall 2 which will be released on 10/28. 

Madden 17 which will have a worldwide tournament. 

Mass Effect Andromeda concept art.

FIFA 17 that features a new storyline. 

A new indie game called Fe.

Some Star Wars projects which will now include characters from Episode VII.

A new Battlefield 1 trailer.

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