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PSA: PayDay 2 free til July 4th, $5 until then as well

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I believe you didn't HAVE to pay for anything anyway much like people don't have to waste hundreds of dollars on non level based Overwatch loot boxes.  The DLC argument works the other way too, it's a 3 year old game with at least another 18 months to 2 years of support.  DLC allows that to happen keeping the game fresh. The DLC's aren't $20 map packs a la Call of Duty and you don't even need to own the DLC's to play them. Or would people have preferred a couple of free heists a content light map pack and discontinued support/Payday 3 after a year which is the way most AAA franchises go these days.  VFM is what Payday is even with it's many DLC packs

The only reason the MT's were seen as a bad thing because some people will complain about everything. it alsp looks like they weren't the devs decision and futire safes will be free now they own their franchise 100% again

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The MTs were awful because of two reasons.
A) The devs promised there would never be MTs, and
B) It was how they implemented it. It was instead of receiving a reward for the match, you'd get a 'lootbox' style safe, and have to pay 2.50 to get a skin for a weapon that you might not even have the DLC to be able to use. 

As for the DLC, exactly. It's just extra weapons and masks, and the occasional heist, but you can play the heists with other players, just not solo or starting it yourself, 

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