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October 2016 is PACKED with new releases.

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As the title says, October 2016 is PACKED with new video game releases.

Excuse me if some of these dates are off or I'm missing some titles but...

Mafia 3- 7th, Gears 4 - 11th, Battlefield 1- 21st, Civ 6, The Last Guardian - 25th, Titanfall 2- 28th, Skyrim Remaster- 28th, WWE2K17 AND Playstation VR with it's many releases to be out at that time.

Keep in mind FF15 is end of sept and novembers first 2 weeks include COD Infinite Warfare and MW1 Remaster, Dishonored 2 and Watchdogs 2.

The crazy thing is that I really want to play most of these games. I haven't seen a month like this for quite some time.


I know Phil won't be playing all of these but all I can say is good luck DSP. :blink:


RIP Wallet



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On 6/26/2016 at 10:44 PM, Noir said:

Phil already played skrim on PC back in 2011 and its pointless to get the remaster if you have a good PC to play it on. 

He'll probably end up playing it. He ended up playing TLoU remaster and that came out only a year after the original game, with no difference between the two. I see no difference here. Skyrim was/is a popular game, just like TLoU. Not to mention that fact that he probably wouldn't be able to stream Skyrim with all the PC mods installed on a quality acceptable to him.

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