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I'd like to see Phil make a video on this...

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Discussing how to NOT get hacked, a lot of YouTubers (very big like Boogie and others) were hacked recently and because Phil has been on YouTube for many years and it's never happened to him maybe he can provide some advice and steps that can help people avoid it.

This will help out a lot of people I am sure, thanks



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Just now, FloydMayweather said:

I didnt know that but I was talking specifically as it pertains to YouTube. If I am not mistaken he hasn't been hacked on there at all.

I am sure he could share some insight about how to stay safe on the internet at least. I will grant you that. He has probably been the victim of every trick in the book at this point. 

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3 hours ago, TheGiftedOne said:

Considering he hacks into other forums accounts and changes the wording, yeah. I can see him doing this.


1 hour ago, TheGiftedOne said:

No big deal. Doesn't it scare you that he has that much power?

Besides, there's no point to it. He's not helping what image he has left.

If you're suprised that someone who runs a website has the power to edit anything on it, you need a reality check on how the internet works. Is he "hacking" into accounts when he deletes posts as well? The wording of your statements makes you look super-reaching and deceptive. That said I don't think DSP has the knowledge nor the experience to do a video about the subject.

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