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Bioshock Remastered

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19 minutes ago, ThePositiveMan26 said:

So today's the start of the above. Almost EIGHT YEARS exactly since it first released. This is one playthrough I don't want to miss! 

Although, I wonder why he got the whole collection if he doesn't want to play the latter two. Why not just get the first one on its own? Feel free to leave your thoughts below. :)

With Bioshock he had to get the entire collection, they weren't available individually.

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Suprised BS1 won the polls by so much because he already played it on YT before and the others he hasn't. The remaster doesn't launch on Steam until the 15th so I'll probably watch the pt after I play the game for a bit. I have the entire BS series on Steam already and haven't played them yet so I might as well wait for the remaster, since you get them for free on Steam if you have the originals.

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3 hours ago, Phil said:

Enjoyed getting my ass handed to me on Hard difficulty today, hope you guys enjoy the suffering, lol! The game is WAY TOUGHER!

I'm glad you're playing on Hard. It gives extra incentive to watch if you've already seen the other playthrough. Can't wait to finally play the game for myself and watch your videos

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