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Buy the Move Controllers Phil.

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I skimmed through Phil's tweets/replies and discovered he's about to make a terrible decision:



You should consider raising your chances Phil cause playing and reviewing a limited version of the Sony VR headset as a professional gamer on Youtube is like you reviewing the Xbox 360 console by just buying  the Core Version they had years back. You know, the one that came with a wired controller and had no hard-drive so you couldn't save your games, download anything or even go on XBOX LIVE. YEAH. That bad! 

I just looked at a couple reviews of the thing and they all say to get the full experience and even play certain games, you should invest into getting Move controllers. Here's an excerpt from IGN:


So I HIGHLY RECOMMEND just buying some used Move controllers and take them back (or keep them) after you get done covering the PSVR. I think giving a fully detailed review of the thing and not trying to cope with a limited version of the thing should give a boost to views and give Phil more legitimacy when he releses videos and gameplay footage.


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No, I'm not buying Move controllers again.

Sony CONFIRMED that no games require Move controllers. If that's changed, that means they blatantly lied. The PS Move was a horridly overpriced waste of money and there is no way in holy hell I'm buying a set again for a peripheral that, more than likely, won't be used after the initial launch and a year of game devs messing with it. MARK MY WORDS, it'll die like every other gimmick.

My office setup doesn't even have proper space for Move controllers to be used. I'll be confined to the loveseat, but will probably spread out the mic and webcam a bit to give me "room" to move my head and arms etc since it will require tracking of the controller light. There is ZERO space for me to be waggling my arms around with Move controllers.

That's my final say on the subject. If someone wants to donate their own set of Move controllers, feel free to contact me, but I already bought that ripoff piece of junk once and will not be doing it again.

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