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Why doesn't Phil save money by getting a Best Buy Gamer's Club Unlocked membership over going to gamestop?

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Hello all,

Just joined the forum and this is my first post so please be nice. I was wondering, since Phil talks about money so much, why does he choose gamestop so much over a service like best buy gamer's club unlocked? It's only $100 for two years and makes every new game $48 instead of $60 (saving you $12 a game) PLUS most games comes with a deal on launch week where you get $10 back per game meaning you save $22 a game in the long run. They also just had a promo that stacks with GGU where you can trade in a game and get a minimum $30 toward dying light (dying light and evolve are games you get $10 back for btw). I also heard Phil is planning on playing Gat Out of Hell a DLC I heard was going to be sold for $20 stand alone on PSN/Xbox store. Well, Saints Row IV PS4 is going to be sold for $40 with GCU and you will get $10 back with the game so for just $10 more than what he will be paying on the PSN store Phil could have a "new" PS4 game to play, the expansion, bank all the money he gets by replying SR4 PS4 plus the expansion and return it quickly for profit as GCU members also get 10% extra on trade ins. This is just two recent examples of their deals and games Phil has told us he wants to buy and how it can benefit him. Here are the other advantages:

Get 20% off new video games for 2 full years 

  • Get 2x base points on new video game software, digital content, and game accessories
  • Get 2 points for every dollar when you trade-in games
  • Get points on gaming consoles
  • Redeem Reward Certificates on nearly everything at Best Buy, including special money-saving exclusive offers
  • 10% bonus trade-in credit on your video game software trade-ins
  • 10% off pre-owned games
  • Buy two, get the third free on pre-owned games via special welcome coupon
  • Save 50% on a new strategy guide via special welcome coupon

After you hit 250 points you instantly get another $5 you can use on games along with the $10 they give you for buying games from them. You do have to sign up in store but once you do you can have games shipped to your house. Now I know there has to be a ton of Best Buys in Seattle so I don't know why he hasn't explored this option. I get why he might not of back then as the people in the store knew him/ he was friendly with them but this is a new era. Does he just not know about this option? That's why I made this thread. I've saved over $100 with best buy and I'm not even a year into my 8 year membership and I don't even buy games weekly like Phil does. Anyone else have experiences with this program they can share with Phil?

I hope Phil sees this and responds to this thread. If not I will post it as a question on "Ask The King" as I really want Phil's feedback on this option. Thanks everyone.




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Also because it goes on sale quite a lot I got all my memberships when they did the "buy a prepaid phone get 2 years of gamers club unlocked free with it" and that very same week they had a DOTD (Deal of the Day) phone that worked with the promo that was only $5 lol. Again, I don't buy games as much as phil (maybe 1 every few months) and I've saved over $100 already and I'm not even done with my first of 8 years.

Still waiting for Phil to see this/his response. There has to be a TON of Best Buy's in Seattle (I think he mentioned some where even on a street close to him in one of the house videos).

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First, I've known Best Buy had a trade-in program but I've honestly never, EVER heard anyone speak of it as being any better than Gamestop's. I also know they had a "gamers club" which I'm a part of, but when I signed up years ago they didn't have any of the kind of benefits being described here. So the first part of my answer is honestly just lack of information/ignorance about this program.

Second, I've always been INCREDIBLY skeptical of getting games at non-dedicated gaming stores (i.e. Gamestop) because I've gotten burned in the past. For the common person it may not be an issue, but for someone like me who 1. needs to pick up new games on release day and 2. have them home earlier on in the day so I can start playing/streaming them ASAP, it can be a nightmare. Unlike Gamestop, Best Buy/other retail chains are NOT dedicated exclusively to video games and unfortunately hold tons of inventory. I have been to Best Buy on release day for a new hot game, only to be told "we don't know where that is right now, although it shows in our system" or "sorry, it never showed up, try later this week." Once I had to wait an entire hour for someone to scour boxes in the back of the building only to finally find the games, unopened, buried somewhere. For BIG RELEASES it's probably not an issue, but for more obscure games when the stores are only getting a few copies, it can be a pain in the butt. Compare that with Gamestop, where their ONLY JOB is to keep track of games, and chances are you'll get your games faster ALL the time there.

Third (and probably the biggest reason) is the trade-ins at Gamestop simply paying me a lot of money. Just in the past year, I've gotten OVER $40 back for multiple PS4 games that I've traded in rather quickly there. It used to be that if you saved up 3 or more games and traded them in together, you'd get a bonus; now it seems it's more about trading in the next-gen versions of games faster, or about a promotion (I had a coupon during the summer that gave me 50% bonus trade-in credit on anything). Overall, most people complain about Gamestop's trade-in values, but I've actually made out far more often than I've gotten ripped off due to the way that I buy/trade. Also, the Gamestop rewards program is between $20-30/year if I remember correctly versus a HUNDRED bucks at Best Buy, so there's that small initial increase in cost.

How does Best Buy's trade-in program even work? Can you simply bring a stack of used games up to their Customer Service desk (another big issue as there's ALWAYS a big line there) and trade games in, no-hassle, every day of the week? What are the values and are they comparable/better to Gamestop's? All of these are questions I'd like to have answered before I considered going to a different game store.


And then in addition to ALL of this, I find myself getting the digital copies of games more often these days too. It saves a trip to the store (both Gamestop and Best Buy are over a 30 minute trip for me in my new home) and I'm able to have it pre-loaded and ready to go rather than rushing about. In addition, since I don't do Release Day Unboxing anymore it really isn't required to have physical copies of games anymore.


So...there you have it. More info is needed for me to make an intelligent decision on if I should consider switching from Gamestop to Best Buy when I physically buy games. 

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               I rarely ever trade games into Gamestop. Its just too much of a hassle because they don't wanna give you much of anything. I do deal better with trade in's at local used game stores and shops where I know the folks involved. I have a bunch of games where I'd bring in and have some games. Because as much as I like Gamestop for newer games , they just aren't good on trade in's. 

                Have you tried getting any good used games Phil from used shops ? I mean given that your trading in a lot and you do go after older games to play possibly , have you tried going that route for those ? Because I like playing older PS3/PS4 games myself. And 9 times outta 10 , I'll take my used games that way and trade. Instead of having Gamestop sock it to me lol. 

               Best Buy for me is 100+ miles away so as good as their offer sounds for games and trade in's. I sadly don't think it would be worth traveling so far for trade in. But if it gets closer , for sure I'll do it.

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On 6/16/2017 at 0:43 AM, markymark52 said:

Just a reminder Phil. When you exhaust all your points at gamestop, start getting new games for $38 (plus tax) with your gamers' club unlocked membership. $30 bucks for two years. Amazon has a similar service with prime but you don't get the $10.00 reward coupon when you pre-order.

This is great considering alot of triple AAA titles upcoming are getting this including mario odyessey, star wars, and even COD WW2. Those coupons do help out with the prices alot 

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