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Fall 2016 Season

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Saw a thread discussing the summer season so I figured I'd kick off the fall. I suppose I'll mention all the ones I'm personally enjoying along with any outstanding impressions and recommendations of mine, though you can obviously add and/or debate that list. lol Oh, and I'll leave out the ones that are continuing from last season, like Twin Star Exorcists.


Joker/Kaito Joker- I was happy to see this more kid friendly show come back for another season. It may be more for kids but it's funny and has some good characters.

Scorching Ping Pong Girls- Of all the sports shows airing this season (of which there are four, holy crap) this is the second best. Cute girls and some pretty epic action, all tied together with decent animation and some humor. It's a lighter sports show than the other offerings this season but still quality.

Girlish Number- Holy. Snark. This show is so cynical even I was floored. lol It's like Shirobako, or maybe Seiyu's Life, took a dark turn and went through Hell to get here. It gives us a VERY scathing view into the anime voice acting industry, filled with moron producers and mean-spirited actresses. Wow.

Sound Euphonium- Yay!! It's back! KyoAni (Kyoto Animation, the studio that does this show) is back doing their thing and it's so pretty! Yeah, I loved this show's first season and it's back. Great characters, intense drama, and rockin' music. Being a now ex-band geek from most of my life, I couldn't help but fall in love with this show. Reina x Kumiko! XD

Brave Witches- Being a fan of the original series, I was super looking forward to this spin-off and it hasn't disappointed, even though I haven't grown to love these girls as much as those from the first two seasons.

Yuri on Ice!- I seem to be in the minority when I say that I feel like this show isn't the best thing since the wheel but whatever. I'm not into BL but the drama, character development, and performances are all pretty good.

Flip Flappers- This show is...weird. Very, very weird. It's bright and artistic but don't ask me what's going on cause I have no idea. Nevertheless, it's a wild and crazy ride so I'm enjoying it. lol

Keijo!!- Oh boy. Yeah, this show. Personally, I love it. A lot. I'm a fan of fan service but not only that, the action is legitimately GOOD. You don't need to adore sexy girls to get into the sport so if you've been holding out on watching it for that reason, you should give it a chance.

All Out!- I know nothing of rugby so I couldn't tell you how accurate this show is to the actual sport but the action is pretty good and I'm liking the characters. It's a pretty decent sports anime so far.

Drifters- I love gore. This show has gore. A lot of it. Blood, heads, limbs, torsos. Yeah, it's pretty great. The plot is a little trippy but it's starting to come together after a few episodes. Besides, Hellsing Ultimate is a masterpiece and this is practically that, just with a new plot and characters. lol

Bungo Stray Dogs 2- It's a weird show, to be sure, mixing real life authors into the same setting and giving them powers based off their literary works but it somehow works. The action, plot, characters. All of it is great and I'm always left hanging for the next episode. It's a sequel season so if you haven't seen the first, go do that.

Lostorage Incited WIXOSS- Oh boy. Let's get ready to watch people SUFFER. I enjoyed the first two seasons in all their sadistic glory and this one's doing it all over again, even though it features an all new cast and setting. You don't need to have seen them to get this one so if you like tragedies, here you go.

Haikyuu!! 3- YUUUUSSSSS. This show is one of the best sports anime out there and its new season is finally here. If you've seen the other seasons, watch this. If you haven't seen them, go do that and watch this. 'Nuff said.

Bubuki/Buranki: The Gentle Giants of the Galaxy- I might be one of the few who really enjoyed the first season, with all its cool mech battles and interesting plot, so I'm pumped to be watching the continuation. Some people hate CG, though, so it's a polarizing show.

WWW.Wagnaria!- I've never seen any of the original Wagnaria (yeah, I know that's a shame and I should get around to it) but being a spin-off I decided to watch this one and it's pretty hilarious so far. It's one of the better and more consistent comedies this season, for sure.

Occultic;Nine- Great, another weird show. Mixing horror and mystery elements, this show is an odd breed. It hosts a large cast and a plot no one can really make heads or tails of yet but I for one and enjoying the ride. Its original source material was written by the same author as Steins;Gate, which was an AMAZING game/anime so I have faith in it.


Izetta: The Last Witch- WWII, magic, and yuri. That's all you really need to know and, honestly, it's pretty good. It's cool seeing a witch flying around and taking on old fighter planes and tanks, plus the studio got a military adviser so the show should have pretty good historical accuracy.

March Comes in Like a Lion- It's a slower slice of life show but it has good character development and the female characters are freaking adorable so I'm enjoying it.

Magical Girl Raising Project- MOAR SUFFERING. It's kinda like Madoka Magica in that we see magical girls get put through a ton of agony and suffering but the plot has some interesting twists you wouldn't expect so I'm both enjoying it and wanting to rip some heads off the more annoying antagonists.

My Wife is the Student Council President+!- The only short anime I'll be mentioning because boobs. That is all.

Poco's Udon World- This show is so cute I think I might be developing diabetes watching it. It's kinda like Barakamon (if you've seen it) where an young adult male takes in a child and doing so allows him to fix the issues in his life. Good characters, interesting plot, and diabetes. All good.


Tiger Mask W- This is another sports show and it's quite retro. It doesn't have the best animation but if you can get around that you might enjoy the classic revenge story and evil organization plotting.


Monster Hunter Stories Ride On- Being a big fan of the game series I'm watching this to see any references and how accurate they try to be to the games. It's a kids show so all of the humor is geared towards them; unless you're like me you probably won't find anything interesting in it.


Show By Rock!!#- I loved the first season of this so of course I'm thoroughly enjoying this one. Great music, good characters, good plot, and cute girls. Cute CAT girls. Thank you, Japan, for this lovely gift.




Anyway, I think that's it. Holy crap, that's a lot of shows. Let me know what you're watching and/or what you think of it. Maybe I'm crazy and don't even know it...


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Been mainly watching Keijo, Monster hunter, show by rock,  and izetta. I'll give joker and drifters a shot but so far Keijo is the best one for me lol

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19 hours ago, Noir said:

Been mainly watching Keijo, Monster hunter, show by rock,  and izetta. I'll give joker and drifters a shot but so far Keijo is the best one for me lol

I was surprised to see Keijo! be as good as it is. I was gonna watch it regardless but I'm glad it's able to hold its own in the sports genre.

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