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DSP's Twitch return - Chat emotes/fanart

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Here are the cheermotes I mentioned doing before. They should be in the parameters that Twitch put out, but if they're not I think I can fix/improve them. I couldn't think of a fifth one to do and I was really excited to post what I already had. I'll try to make one more if I can think of something good.






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I'm new at this so I don't know why the gif of you bopping around glitches out, maybe it's because of how fast it moves around, or maybe it's a compression thing. I made a new version. This one's also compressed a lot, but maybe it'll behave better since it's slower. I'll try to make something else if it still doesn't behave.


I also redid the one with the gun so it shows your face from the start, which means the thumbnail on the bits page shouldn't be blank.






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One more attempt. This time I managed to to get the buggy cheermotes below maximum size in the initial render, so I didn't have to run them through the compressor that might've been making them flicker. The cowboy one actually only needed to be shrunken by a fraction of a kilobyte, lol.



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