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DSP's Twitch return - Chat emotes/fanart

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I guess I'll post this here as well:


Here is the drawing I did, the attachment in this comment does not display the full quality, as the uploading limit does not allow it. (I cannot embed DeviantArt, so up there is the link).

I tried to do something like a 'Final Fantasy' thing, and it took some effort of my part, since I'm not good at drawing, and I hope I chose the right colours. The number of layers I had for it was insane, the 'PSD' file is a mess, good thing 'Photoshop' has layer-groups.


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I made a new animation for tips. Login to StreamLabs and upload it, it can use .webm files.

The .gif version wasnt good. I also have a bigger version if needed.

Suggested settings in picture.




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Hover the cursor on the image, click "...", then click download image.

After the Mascots contract ended with Phil, they signed a joint deal with Disney, Nintendo, and Twitch.

Disney along with Nintendo will produce a mini series with the Mascots, it will be featured on Twitch Presents on a later date.

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