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DSP's Twitch return - Chat emotes/fanart

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A thumbnail for Nioh playthrough!

Something in celebration of a return to the Souls Series

Here's new animation for bits. I can probably make adjustments to size and length if needed. I may also make ones for subs and tips if I have time and ideas.

Posted Images

I'm going to post the link to my image, since it's too big to upload to the forum, and the quality would probably be worse if I lowered the resolution.

Here's my recap overlay!


You will have to copy and paste the link and then save the image, Phil :). I'm sure you know how to do that.

If you like this one. I can make others for; Xbox, Bethesda, Ubisoft and PlayStation.

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I made an intro video for your DS2 SOTFS playthrough. Took quite a bit of time and effort to make. I don't expect this to wind up on your youtube uploads, but as part of the prestream I don't think it will be a problem, at best they will mute this portion for the archived version.


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