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DSP's Twitch return - Chat emotes/fanart

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A thumbnail for Nioh playthrough!

Something in celebration of a return to the Souls Series

Here's new animation for bits. I can probably make adjustments to size and length if needed. I may also make ones for subs and tips if I have time and ideas.

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Guess I'll put it here as well:

Just now, MoraMoria said:

I've decided to do something that could be fun for the chat & Phil's fans. Even though I don't like the chair-spin at all, gif-images as emotes are generally pretty cool, in my opinion.

So I submit these for the chance to be used as BTTV emotes, free to use as long as you have the extension:






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Phil's not going to use his BTTV, so I uploaded that emote to mine, with Phil's consent.


They can be shared, but there's a limit on how many you can have.

It's nice since Twitch only allows .gifs as "cheermotes", and these are super fun to make.

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Another for Halloween. Also if anyone has ideas, please let me know (source images included if you have any you want me to use). I'll stream myself making them. Can be a little long since I try to do it as well as I can... especially w/ freeware like Paint.net and some really dormant knowledge of photoshop photo editing.








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dspKaren (or dsp as Hillary Clinton). 2024 presidential hopeful? Or perhaps at least good enough for Halloween emote. Also a background for October. If there's any problem with the wording let me know, I'll change it.







I'm including a .RAR of the original emote images (larger size) in case anyone like MoraMoria feels they can make 'em a bit more viable for emotes. For me it was hard trying to preserve detail and make the crops just right so you got enough detail to tell what it is in 28 or 56 pixel view.


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add Oct background
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Nice dude @Phil I have an alternate if you'd prefer it for the pre-stream. I fixed the typo and I removed the pun about scares to accommodate some background art to fill in the negative space. The dspKaren emote was just for laughs anyway. I'm thinking about working on more digital photo screenarts like this since that seems to be more my speed. I've got the time on my hands to do it right now, too.





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You as the KEKW guy because we don't have one of you laughing yet. Just Google: KEKW to see what I'm talking about. I understand if you dont want to use it, but it's a pretty popular thing where a lot of other streamers had their own laugh faces turned into a KEKW emote.

KEKW and Sadge are 2019/2020 emote institutions on twitch now. Some of my favorites too.











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wrong u/l
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Wallpaper art for Divinity Original Sin 2. I'll pay someone $5 per photo to photoshop (high quality) Phil's face to Ifan. I'm not donating to Phil until he actually plays DOS2 like he said he would, so might as well donate to someone that deserves it until then. Phil sort of looks like Ifan already, but Ifan has a full beard which is too tricky for me to edit out. Full size images:




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24 minutes ago, WingzPullinStringz said:

Wallpaper art for Divinity Original Sin 2. I'll pay someone $5 per photo to photoshop (high quality) Phil's face to Ifan.

In case you want the images for yourself, more power to you.

In case you want the images to be used for the Prestream, I wouldn't recommend that, as they (all) are apparently under "Non-commercial" purposes, even though the license below those images is: "Unknown". I wouldn't risk it though:




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1 hour ago, JMEnotanNME said:

Since the US election is coming up, I think this is an appropriate for this emote, I call it dspresident, I didn't make this, I saw it somewhere but it can't be copyrighted since it's Phil's face

Yeah, that image is in this thread, but not in an emote form.


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If you're talking about templates for a comic, (captions, speech bubbles, panels), those can be done in Photoshop/similar software easily, but in case you want to avoid that, you can just search for: "Free copyright images comic templates" or something along those lines. Here is an example, which has Royalty-free images:


[I have not tried this particular website, you may need to create an account]

If it's for backgrounds or textures, you can just use that or other sites like Pexels or Pixabay, (which don't need an account). I'm not sure if this is what you asked for.



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On 11/14/2020 at 11:53 AM, dark_maggot said:

While watching the PS5 unboxing and setup stream, someone mentioned that Phil should put a vest on the PS5 so I did a quick sketch.


All rights are property of dspgaming and darkmaggot.1672122287_PS5VEST-1080.thumb.jpg.283a7f9cb34061fcad15ea1efa009bc0.jpg

Dude, REALLY sorry I missed this! Kind of late now, and I almost never check here. Be sure to tag me on Twitter or in stream chat if you make something new!

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