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Has anybody tried WWE Immortals?

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I would like to play it, but it hasn't appeared on the Google Play store yet, so either it's Apple only, or Apple bought timed exclusivity. 

​it's actually on Google Play now.

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First, if you've played the Injustice app, it's nearly identical. Same exact gameplay, same menus, same store, etc. ALL of the combat strategies from Injustice work in this game too, so having played that game for a year really helps in this one.

Second, the game is horribly buggy right now. It's supposed to be 3-on-3 tag matches but sometimes the CPU "tags out" only for you to find that you're fighting both an on-screen opponent AND an invisible clone of the previous person, who supposedly tagged out! It's impossible to hit the invisible person or even block their attacks, and the CPU can combo their own super moves into each other! It's INCREDIBLY broken, especially at higher stages where 1-2 moves can kill your entire character, and it needs to be fixed badly. I'd say it happens roughly 1/4th of the time right now, so there's no way the testers missed it - they just didn't feel like fixing it, or the game was never tested.

The game also features online play (not really, its just you vs CPU-controlled decks from other real players) that contributes to a weekly "Tournament Ladder." The more you play and win, the more points you get and at the end of the week you get rewards. What are they? In-game currency to buy other fighters/move upgrades OR "equipment" which you can put onto your cards and make them more powerful. IF it's anything like Injustice, equipment completely breaks the game, so I wonder if they've changed it at all.


For a free app, it's damn amazing especially if you're a fan of WWE. But its longevity will depend on if they actually fix the glaring bugs and if they have events (they used to do "new character events" every 2 weeks or so with the INjustice app, where you had to beat several levels of enemy gauntlets to unlock rewards and, eventually, a new card only available in that event). I'm liking it a lot and it's taking over for the endless repetitive grind that was WWE Supercard, an app that I'm playing FAR less now.


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Immortals is fun but as phil said the 2 on 1 bug is a real pain in the ass. I don't much about it I have cleared I think the first 2 pages of the campaign stuff and the boss characters are hard to beat with their large amount of hp. I'm not sure if I need grinding in this game but it's a fun thing to play if you're a wwe fan.

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