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Would you like to see DSP play "Berserk and the Band of Hawk"?

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Who here would tune in to watch Phil play the new Berserk musou game coming to America in late February? I've been getting into the series and i think it would be cool to see him get into it. I always love seeing him play Dynasty Warriors-styled games.



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I love berserk. Been reading it since 10+ yrs ago. Im a lil afraid the game wont live up to the manga, but overall positive view. However im afraid of phil and his jokes responses to the berserk story.

btw, i suggest anyone whos interested or watched the anime but havent read the manga yet to read it. The manga is very well drawn and clear fight scenes plus theres no drop in drawing standards even after all those years. Imo its the best way to experience it.

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3 hours ago, KGhaleon said:

Does he even know what it is? That's a pretty old series in Japan.

I don't think I've ever heard him mention it but I feel like he'd love it. It's not much older than Yu Yu Hakusho and Phil really seemed to like that too so I don't think it's age would be an issue.

I think Phil should mention the game on Twitter and see what kind of reception that suggestion gets. I'm not sure what else he has planned for the month of February but I get the feeling this game would get as decent views as anything else coming out during that time.

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I decided to skim through the upcoming video game releases in February and here's what I see:

Feb 7- Nioh: Phil has made it clear he wants to play this

Feb 14- For Honor: pretty sure Phil is playing this

Sniper Elite 4: I think Phil mentioned he's interested but I don't know if he has confirmed

Feb 21- Berserk and the Band of Hawk

Feb 28- Horizon Zero Dawn: Phil is for sure playing this.

So there is about two whole weeks between For Honor and Horizon Zero Dawn. I don't know what Phil's current plans are to fill that time but I feel like playing Berserk would be an excellent playthrough to do in that time. Plus it would open him up to a whole new series.

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On Saturday, January 28, 2017 at 4:05 AM, BlonderSTS said:

yeah, sounds like a good idea and great game

I don't like it to be honest. Looks like a boring hack n slash with no thought put to it. And what's wrong with the name? "Berserk and the Band of the Hawk"? Berserk is not the name of the hero lol. He's Guts. 

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Well it's February 16th and For Honor is done already. Apparently Sniper Elite isn't happening and even if it did he already missed the launch day views. Is it really going to be just Yakuza 0 and Nioh for the next 12 days? Seems like it would be a smart idea to get Berserk and the Band of Hawk on Tuesday to keep things from getting completely stale and boring. 

At least toss the idea out on Twitter and see the fanbase reaction.

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