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How long does it take for a three hour 1080p video to process on youtube?

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I'm just asking because I think Phil should upload the first 3 hours of a new playthrough with the stream breaks cut out so it gets more views with the new youtube algorithm.

Btw Pewdiepie is losing views because he mixes his gameplay videos and nongaming vlogs on the same channel.

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Process times are random depending on the time of day. If you upload a video at.. Say midnight, the processing is almost instant. It's all about the current traffic that YouTube is handling. For a 3 hour long 1080p video, it'll probably take 1-2 hours at the very least. Otherwise, you're looking at about 4-5 hours of processing time.

Source: A friend of mine, he edits and uploads a ton of videos for different YT channels

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For me, just trying to upload a 30 minute video at 1080p would take at least 2.5 hours, with processing lasting another hour. Just to clarify, this is the speed I had while at college and using a laptop that doesn't handle uploading stuff well. I haven't done any uploading with my new laptop yet or at home since I've graduated last month, so this could be very different than what I could be able to do now.

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FCPhoenix is correct, it depends on the bitrate. At the bitrate that I capture at (9k) a three hour 1080p video would take anywhere from 3-7 hours to process, roughly.

Why such a long gap of time? Because YouTube ALWAYS has issues processing long videos. The longer, the better chance it'll get "stuck" for no reason and take an overly long time to be displayed. In essence, processing of YouTube videos once uploaded should be in realtime; indeed, for shorter videos (10 minutes or less) the processing is actually shorter than the length of the actual video. But the longer you go, the more time it takes/issues you'll run into.

A 3-hour long part 1 of a playthrough would essentially kill my business. The first three hours of a game are typically what gets the most views, and making it only 1 video means taking what WOULD have been views for 15+ videos and reducing them to only one. That would reduce my views by roughly 1500% overnight. Yeah, that won't work, lol.

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