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Is it just me or has DSP been extra angry the past few days?

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Ever since the KOCC program started it feels like Phil has been becoming more abrasive and upset. Looking at his reaction to criticism of the first "official" TIHYDP KOCC video then his reaction to criticism of his For Honor review it looks like he's getting very bothered recently. He's dealt with FAR worse before and used to be able to just shrug it off or at least respond casually/dispassionately but it feels like he doesn't do that anymore. Today hearing him really lash out during his Nioh stream and tear into the game it sounds like he's just mad in general. 

Is something going on that is really pissing him off? His situation doesn't seem very different from my outsider perspective but he definitely sounds more stressed than usual. Does anybody else feel this way or am I alone in this observation?

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