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Death Note (2017)

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Director: Adam Wingard (You're NextThe GuestV/H/SV/H/S/2Blair Witch)

A young man comes to possess a supernatural notebook, the Death Note, that grants him the power to kill any person simply by writing down their name on the pages. He then decides to use the notebook to kill criminals and change the world, but an enigmatic detective attempts to track him down and end his reign of terror


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Just now, KingBunghole said:

If it's horrible, it might still be amusing to watch for laughs. 

I wonder what role Masi Oka will play in the movie. 

I'm actually really hoping its good I root for Adam Wingard even though Blair Witch was ok and disappointing You're Next is a badass movie and The Guest is amazing plus William Dafoe signing up for this makes me have hope and I'm happy this will be Rated R as well unlike Ghost in the Shell which is PG-13 (even though i hope thats good too, but probably won't(

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This was complete trash. I didn't expect it to be an exact copy of the anime, but I thought they'd at least keep some of the themes from it. For example, in the film the Light is played up to be a huge hero. He's always the good guy. In the anime, there's a lot more moral ambiguity and at a lot of points he's bordering on being the villain of the story.


The only good thing about it is that it reminded me what I enjoyed about the anime.

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Explained more.

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