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Games that you want to see have a HD remake/collection release

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Moved to Gaming discussion. Please make sure threads are posted in the relative sections.

​My apologies on that. Thanks for putting the post into the right category. I was in a rush when making this thread and kinda forgot that I put into the wrong category. Thanks again Static :)

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The tile explains it all. For me, I want to see a Timesplitters HD Collection of having all the three original games and also having a Manhunt HD Collection of having both the first and second games.


I would also love to see the Metroid Prime games in HD. Wasn't a big fan of MP3 but the first two (especially MP1) were stellar. 

Twilight Princess would be another game I'd love to have in HD. 

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​How the hell did they mess up on Jak And Daxter for Vita when Final Fantasy X/X-2 run perfectly on there?

​ No idea number 1 runs fine but 2 and 3 suffer with low fps especially 3 and they haven't even tried to update the game to fix it only update they released was so the instruction book was in more languages  

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The Timesplitter series. Someone was supposed to be making a remake of them but I haven't heard about it for quite a while.

​There is a group of people that are making a TS game for the PC: Timesplitters Rewind. There was also a petition to make a HD Collection of the Timesplitters games but nothing happened to it sadly :(

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