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Ask the King Ep. 65 - June 29, 2017

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Hi Phil.

I have noticed quite a significant increase in your stress lately.. Nameley most notable when playing fighters among the other games. 

Maybe its just me as a casual viewer but it looks like your patience with things has worn thin and dry.

My question to you is then.. Have you considered mental exericses like yoga to help calm that stress and tension? Its what I do for my mental illness (15 minites is all thatnis necessary)  Because I can see it all over your face while you play and you tend to aim that tension towards your opponent, the stream chat, or the game developers. Which while gratifying at first doesn't help in the long run and seems to be getting worst.

I am just concerned for your health.

Eitherway. I wiah you luck Phil.

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Hi Phil, big fan, keep up the good work, content and positive attitude. I've been watching your videos since Shattered Dimensions; I remember the joke that you make about Beenox in part 1 and how I la

I don't know how to edit but I have some advice for your financial problems. You could donate your blood between $20-50 per donation. You can also sign up for clinical trials which is not as bad or cr

Hey Phil, Just the other day I went and saw the latest Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Once again Marvel has proven themselves to be capable at making better films than the ones DC has don

On 6/14/2017 at 8:34 AM, Pr0to said:

Hey Phil, I was curious to know your take on the new Alien prequel series. A lot of fans, including me, think Ridley Scott has no idea what he is doing right now since basically most of the things from the original Alien seem to be pushed aside or retconned.

Also would like to know if you will be doing the final fantasy 15 prompto DLC?

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Would you consider starting a new series making fun of idiotic youtube comments posted under your videos? there is surely an embarrassment of riches to be found and you obviously wouldn't need to mention their usernames, the series could be named something like youtube comments ridicule.

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Hi Phil,

Like yourself, I'm a former competitive video game player, In the Madden NFL series in particular. I recently left the competitive scene last year and am kind of feeling like my competitive spirit is still burning. My question is, after leaving the competitive Streetfighter community, what did you do to manage your energy? do you still get the itch to compete? Also, do you have any suggestions for me and others like me that feel like we are missing out on the rush of adrenaline that competitive gaming gives you?


Thanks, have a great day!

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Hey Phil, I was curious if you had any strange dreams recently or in the past that stayed with you.  I'm a dreamer myself and I have had a dream before of the future that to this day honestly scares me.

if not anything paranormal?  


Also, I know that you are against the whole text to speach thing. But  hear me out!  maybe you can set a goal or something for a special event ?  I think it could be interesting and you can bet your ass trolls will flood open there wallets. Maybe nothing soon but maybe some time? 

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 Hi Phil   huge fan as long as I can remember I was just wondering   How do you see the whole YouTube thing playing out if you still had your office Job.  Do you think you start doing direct  capture?  and you think you ever move on from ct?  How  would you schedule have worked For playing games?  thanks.

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Hi Phil, answer any as you please xD

1. How are your parents doing? You haven't mentioned them in a while. When do you reckon you'll see them next?

2. Might be a touchy subject... but now you're single are you going to stay out in Washington? Personally I would probably want to move back closer to family/friends.

3. Do you have any plans for your time off?

4. You haven't mentioned it so just wondered when are you playing Dark Souls 2? ;D

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I'm not sure if you have answered this question before but I was wondering if you ever considered going through Immunotherapy allergy shots to treat your bad allergies?

Would you have the health insurance for it or time needed to go through it?

(usually half an hour every week depending on the severity)


Can name some notable inside jokes that have spawned from your game playthroughs and the community that you have created and their origins?

examples like:

"grandma's goodie bags" - ff 15

"mouth down south: - dangonrampa

"bazongas" - tales of xilia 

"pikatits" - stream chat name

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Derich/My Questions for ''The King''

Phil, This is Derich here and I was wondering with you playing RDR/Red Dead Redemption at the moment what do you think of it so far? On a scale from 1 to 10 would be great and appreciative.

Phil, Are you gonna be playing Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy it comes out this Friday/June 30th, 2017? Platform is Playstation 4/PS4 to let ya know.

Phil, Can you play the game I recommend you to play maybe sometime after the ''Gotta Go Fast'' sonic event is: ARK Survival Evolved? It is on both PS4 and Xbox One its a fun action Survival game like Rust. Its release date is August 8th, 2017

Phil, What is your favorite movie of all time? Mine is Home Alone 2: Lost In New York.

Phil, I have 3 Playthrough's I really enjoyed watching in my spare time: Back To The Future, L.A. Noire, and Grim Fandango Remastered, What would you rate these 3 playthough's individually out of 10 on the gameplay?

Phil, My question is do you have the watch Ads option for Bits? I surprisingly don't have it, KushiYakitori said I had to contact Twitch about the issue/problem I'm having. 

That's all Phil, Enjoy the rest of your day man and stay awesome :D


On 5/11/2017 at 4:32 PM, Zahvone said:

Hey Phil,


     As you're probably aware I've been a longtime fan for about 8 or so years. Last time I asked a question, it was about "The King of Hate Magazine". This time however I'd like to ask a question directly related to the community. I've realized that while you are focused on Twitch and Youtube right now, I don't think currently we are taking full advantage of what the Twitch platform and stream culture has to offer! I really believe that if we are to have positive growth as a community we should consider some easier, albeit necessary changes, that I'd like to list below and hear your thoughts on.

  • A Twitch client server / Discord server
    This one would allow for voice chat amongst viewers (Though that's probably not a great idea), however the Twitch client does offer what I believe to be great functionality in regards to your stream, the streamchat, and some other features I think you should look into.
  • Community Events
    I have a thread around this idea but I'll go ahead and link it just in case you'd like a read through, as well as the post in a spoiler tag. 
      Reveal hidden contents


    Hello there, you may or may not have met me in the chat or on Twitter now and then - I'd like to pose a few question / suggestions.

    First and foremost know that I've been a fan for 7, to 8 years and have no ill intentions.

         With that out of the way, let me begin by suggesting more community events. By this I mean fans who are on the auto-hosting list and willing to use that power to create and host game days with fans, and friends. For example:

         Let's say that Phil isn't going to be streaming on Saturday. If that were the case I'd like to volunteer my stream time, and invite everyone to participate in silly party games, like Jackbox, Town of Salem, Board Game Online or even game specific events! I firmly believe this can / will bring something positive everyone can look forward to, at least once a week.

    Another project I'm currently working on, and am in the process of completing - King of Hate Servers(with permission, of course!) 

         Grand Theft Auto V PC Server (In progress. I would like to know if anyone is interested in this, and what you would like the server to be about) Minecraft Server (Not sure how many of you play Minecraft anymore - but I'm very interested in hearing about this idea)


    P.S. - #YaCherdy4mod2017

         That's all I'm currently working on. If you have any suggestions, please post them. I'm definitely open and willing to work alongside others to benefit and grow the community.


    Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and consider my ideas.

      - Zahvone




    Lastly I'd just like to thank you for doing things like Autohosting fans on your Twitch channel, interacting with fans / friends, and above all staying true to yourself.


Discord would be great Zahvone.

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Hey Phil,

This is a wrestling question since I didn't notice anyone else asking one and I always like to hear your thoughts on the current state of Pro Wrestling, ever since watching Smark Guys all those years ago.

How do you feel about WWE's inability to book babyfaces in 2017? Since Wrestlemania 33, nearly all the PPVs have contained heel-dominated cards whist babyfaces are booked incredibly weakly. Heels like Samoa Joe, Alexa Bliss, Braun Strowman and even Jinder Mahal are being made to look like big deals when faces like Seth Rollins, Bayley and Sami Zayn are booked as annoying and inept. Even strong babyfaces like Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura are having their identities tweaked and messed with by WWE and coming off worse as a result.

Normally this wouldn't be such a huge issue since heels are supposed to be dominant for the faces to overcome but it's been made clear that there is no long-term planning going into these booking decisions. According to reputable news sites like the Wrestling Observer, the finishes to both Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal at Backlash and Bayley vs Alexa Bliss at Payback & Extreme Rules were changed up to 3 times each on the weekend of the respective shows - meaning that WWE had very little idea who would hold major championships leading into the next 2-3 month booking cycle.

I want to know your thoughts on this and if you've noticed poor booking of babyface wrestlers in the recent months too. I personally think that WWE has done has terrible job in building new babyface stars lately and the only people who're consistently pushed are people Vince takes a personal interest in. This could stem from WWE having around 27 writers who constantly rewrite shows up to the live air-date, leading to no consistency in the storylines and no long-term planning. Also the poor use of NXT callup talents is supposedly driving a rift between Vince McMahon and Triple H, who takes a lot of pride in NXT graduates.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to hearing your thoughts,


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Phil, I was tuning in for the Danganronpa stream today and I hate to say it but man was that a drag.  I could see you suffering reading every single word of dialogue and I think it would be hard to reason that you actually enjoyed doing that.  This is not the first instance of such a stream.  That being said, here's my question:


Why not, instead of streaming something you really don't want to, instead just chat with us viewers?  A lot of us come to your stream primarily because of your personality and reactions to certain situations and industry news or updates.  In other words, a huge chunk of us come for the "NO BULLSHIT" as opposed to the "RAW GAMEPLAY".  Why not consider making something like that a regular thing?  Consider how many people came out for the twitch and chill events.  Also imagine the popcorn fest a war against trolls would generate.  I'd much rather watch you lay into some trolls and cheer for that than listen to you recite 4000 lines of Danganronpa dialogue.

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Hi Phil,

I wanted to know why you hate TIHYDP videos and the people that make them, Let's Endure videos included. TIHYDP are simply montages of the most entertaining parts from your gameplays and to my knowledge none of them are monetized. The reason I mention monetization is because you've said on numerous occasions that they are stealing your content. By that logic every game streamer is stealing content because they are making potential money off of a game that they had no hand in creating. Most people don't have the time to sit through an entire playthrough of a game either, I think it's a big missed opportunity on your part for not wanting to do edited content. However, you might say that you've tried to do TIHYDP style videos but they got downvoted to hell. I've seen those videos and of course they got downvoted; they sucked. They were clearly made by ass kissers who worship you and thus had no backbone or substance.

As for the "detractors" I think you've jumped the gun too quickly on them. For example: Almighty Tevin is not a troll, if you were to watch his let's endure videos you would clearly see that he offers nothing but constructive criticism. In my opinion if you were to listen to him with an open mind you would see that what he says makes sense and it doesn't come from a place hate I like the guy for saying it how it is. You can't sedate all the things you hate. Same goes for many of the other prominent "detractors" such as the members of SoK.  I'd be be blessed to have friends  who would call me out on my shit instead of turning a blind eye. I've listened to quite a few things the SoK have put out and again it's constructive criticism, commentary and comedy. 

I think firm handshakes all around are in order between the two tribes. 

I haven't been following long but I know what bitterness does to people. Why not reach out to them? They're decent people with hearts and they feel the same things that you feel. 

Troll tips? Ignore them entirely since they bother you so much, don't mention that you got a troll tip at all. A better idea would be to have thicker skin, let it slide, and make a witty comeback if possible. A portion of your dedicated viewers love that shit even if they won't admit it so why not feed them the entertainment?

Another thing I wanted to get across is concerning the prestreams Reminding us each time on how to support the channel through bits,tips, and subs is a very unattractive thing to do. You're the only streamer I know of that does this. No matter how big or small their following is no other streamer I know of talks about money at the beginning and or end of their stream (whores not included). I've seen your playthroughs of Oblivion and Skyrim, the way you react to beggars in those games is how most new viewers react to your prestreams. You have to cut that out dude, seriously you are not helping yourself with that in terms of keeping and gaining viewers.

Have a good stream.

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On 5/23/2017 at 1:55 PM, LastRambo341 said:

Hello Phil, I hope you are doing well.

I have two questions:

1) DLC: Now when a developer announces DLC before the game is released or during the first few weeks/months of release, people get angry. Why is that? Because even if DLC is announced in the middle or late lifespan of the game, it is bound to happen. I think it guarantees that a game is still getting support.

2) Your comments have been quite harsh in regards to many superhero films/characters (such as Wonder Woman, Bane, Ultron, Loki, Doomsday, Lex Luthor etc.) for not following what the comic books/source material say. However, you mentioned you loved the Lord of the Rings films despite them not including everything from the books. My question is would it be more fair that the films get reviewed on their own objective manner? Not everything can be translated well to films (example: yellow spandex suits in X-Men)


Thank you very much for your years of entertainment :) and best of luck!!


and my third question

3) We have seen Marvel diverting from the X-Men and F4 characters in videogames (MvC Infinite for example), comic books and other medium due to the movie rights being sold to FOX and Marvel does not want to provide free advertisement for them. Do you think that Marvel's moves are legitimate, from a business standpoint? If FOX works with Marvel like how Marvel worked with Sony for Spiderman (Captain America:Civil War & Spiderman: Homecoming), would the situation be better?

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Hello Phil,

What are your thoughts on Nintendo releasing so many pieces of hardware within a short time span?

NES mini, Nintendo Switch, New 2ds Xl, SNES mini, all within 1-2 years.

Do you feel that Nintendo's products are undercutting each other?

I feel like they are sending mixed signals on virtual console games eventually coming for the Switch and the future of their portable systems.



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Hey Phil

With Shenmue 3 coming in 2018, it wasn't at E3 but there was a update by the creator prior to E3, with the release of 3 looming do you plan on playing Shenmue 2 so you can get a retrospective of the story? P.S. Just like Yakuza, Shenmue 2 includes a in-depth analysis of Shenmue 1. So you will have a good summery of the plot.


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Hey phil my question is will you be playing playerunknown battlegrounds when it comes out on xbox since you said its an average shooter it makes me think your just gonna skip out on it the thing is though its not a average shooter this is coming from someone thats actually played it plus its sold 4 million copies in the span of 3 months btw I beat you in injustice 2 maybe the name XxArthurikxX will jog your memory 

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Would you consider in the future hiring an editor? This of course should be someone you trust but they could not only be in of editing your own videos but also managing KOCC. If you can have it so content is constantly being created and uploaded on their end while you are busy streaming then it might be possible to make the money to afford it.

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Hey Phil, I know you are asked about your love for games coming between you and your job and I was curious to ask about a situation I'm having. Consuming anime, manga, comics, and video games helps as coping devices and escapism for my depression and social anxiety which I have been suffering from for almost a decade. I wanted to ask a question which you probably were asked before, yet something I can relate to. Have you ever used video games to help you in a hard time or entire period of your life? How do you avoid video games from either consuming or burning you out so that you can still enjoy them? Thank you for the years of entertainment since I found your channel in 2010 and I'm glad I came back last year.

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Hey Phil. I've noticed you seem to intensely dislike games that don't explain everything outright but rather let the player figure it out themselves. Think games like Journey, Inside, Little Nightmares, and The Last Guardian to an extent. You call it lazy design but I tend to disagree. My question is twofold. Why do you dislike that so much? And why do you feel a game should stop everything for a cutscene or note/dialogue to explain the story rather than allow the player to put it together themselves through exploration and observation?

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Hi phil, long time fan. I know you are a wrestling fan and I am as well. So my question is, with how popular hardcore wrestling is, how much violence and blood is too much for a wrestling match?

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