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A couple games you played before I'd like to see a return to, but I don't know what your feelings are, still on these two titles; Minecraft and No Man's Sky.

I saw what happened with both and it's been some time now. Both, I really did enjoy watching, even though your experiences were on the scale of 'Meh' - 'It's okay'. With No Man's Sky turning in to a loathsome pit of disdian for the title, mostly cause the title felt like a ripoff.

Well No Man's Sky has had some changes and redesigns, it might have improved enough to where it might be worth another look and review.

There was Minecraft that you give a fair shake and even opened up your own server, which was pretty awesome and fun. Watching your first single player experience was really fun to watch, especially the first two videos when you had no idea how anything worked and were basically just trying not to get killed by mobs.

I was wondering if you could keep Minecraft in mind, as a different style of series I think you wouldn't get from other series. You could start a series to play very leisurely, as in when the mood strikes. Personally, it's a very relaxing game to take my mind off things. It's got it's bit of excitement and surprises that Minecraft is good at throwing curve balls.

With other LPers, they use it as a platform it in to a pod-casty kind of thing, while exploring, or working on build projects. You could pretty much come up with any random idea and it doesn't necessarily have to be building and then come back to it when ever you feel like. My favorite part was watching you figuring out how stuff works and finding out stuff you didn't know you could do.

I'm sure you forgot a lot of it by now, though a lot of it was spoiled for you when you got a crash course of the different places to see, it's nice to be surprised and discover things on your own. I think it would be cool to do a series to build up your experience with the game, legitimately.

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Definitely. I'm constantly working on my own map when I'm not messing around on other people's servers and when I take a break from it, for a while, I get in the mood to play again. It's a good outlet for me and keeps my interest. 

It's a unique title that will be around long after I'm gone.

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4 hours ago, YEE said:

Are you by any chance Sean Murray? I can't think of why anyone else would recommend someone to play No Mans Sky.

No, afraid not. He had good input before and wanted to see if he still feels it's not worth it.

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