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Why doesn't DSP just stick to playing the most popular games?

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If the goal here is to make as much money as possible, why doesn't he just stick with the most popular game on Twitch at the current time? DSP usually gets 800-1000 viewers when he plays games like this so if he was to do this he would be top of the directory and get organic viewers coming in, then more bits and cheers etc for example.

- F13

- Tekken

Focus on these two games only especially F13 since it has a lot of hype same as Tekken but you get the gist.

Just a suggestion

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I would much prefer Phil do retro games and not have them set behind a Patreon goal. I nominated Earthworm Jim HD for the Indies marathon for example. He doesn't do enough Retro games IMHO.

Its very tough to watch him play games like Battlefeld and COD each and every year. They aren't that far off from games like Madden and WWE2K of being every year rehashed. Those playthroughs do absolutely nothing for me, those are boring games. I like that Phil doesn't just play on the big mainstream games and nothing else and offers tons of variety with the games he plays.

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I think that it comes down to the communication factor that is almost unusable for DSP.

He has done some things that people condemn, addressed some of them more, others less. In Friday the 13th communication is one of the main tools you have to survive. Not having that at your disposal puts you at a severe disadvantage. But as we have seen it can be used to bring up topics Phil might not want to discuss in the gameplay or on stream at all.
So i do really not know how "valid" of a game to stream F13 is for him.

Tekken on the other hand would really be an option. The Issue being that he would have to use overlays and stuff the whole time to hide chat, and that he doesn't seem to enjoy the base game itself, as in the multiplayer. He does seem to have some valid points, however he also screams that he is blocking a Rage Art while his king is clearly doing a square jab.
He might not like the mechanic, but the mechanic is not always bullshitting him.

I think your suggestion might give him some higher viewer numbers for now but they would decline and might even drive away people who watch him now due to him not liking/bein able to properly use all resources of the game.

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