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                   In watching a clip discussing the new car , several things have to be brought up. While I'm no expert on buying vehicles , I however have bought some used (90% of my vehicles are used trucks/cars) and I keep things going this way. So a few things caught my attention here. 


-  Whenever you drive a new vehicle off the lot that you either buy or in your case lease , the vehicle depreciation hits. Even some car lot salesman will tell you (some rare honest ones) , once driven off the lot it happens. Its not gonna retain value as a new car. No matter if you drive it 10 miles a week. Its gonna drop in value. Funny case in point a man at one dealership when I was getting a sticker put on , came in to trade his 6 month old car he had bought. He wasn't happy because they told him how much they'd give him on trade in and his words was , "All I did was put 900+ miles on it in 6 months !"  They had to explain it lost value as it drove off the lot. 


-  Its always good to change your oil every 3-5 months or every 3,000-5,000 miles. Even if your not getting that warning to change your oil , you best change it. Because eventually oil gets to a point where it needs changed Phil. In my pickup I have a seasonal deal that tells me to change oil. But almost a lot of the times I'll change it before that sensor details it and how much oil life it tells me is left. 

         Just keep it in mind ...if ya got a vehicle now in June , I'd be like ...around November ...drive it over and get an oil change. Then do it around March/April etc. This way your vehicle stays well maintained. 


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2 hours ago, YEE said:

Are you sure it's really gonna drop that much in value? You have to keep in mind that it's a buyers market for cars right now, my dude.

It may not be AS bad right now, but generally cars will lose 10% when you drive them off the lot and around 10% more when the year is over. IMO you should not buy new unless you are fiscally in a position that you can afford the premium.

That said, my current car was bought new (Honda Fit) in 2008. Even new it's not an expensive car and I had a decent paying job at the time so the car payments weren't going to put me in a bind. I know 0 about cars so I was willing to pay the premium of buying new and having peace-of-mind regarding breakdowns. The only things I've had to do so far is standard stuff like tires and 1 battery *knocks on wood* though the driver side lock is busted now. :(

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