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​No I didn't admit to agreeing with anything he said so don't put words in my mouth although your intention was to distract me from the point. Stop defending people who are breaking hard rules as this does nothing for your character either.

Your post here just proved my point on what you said: if you cared to take another gander at your own post I was replying to you immediately admitted to " not reading the rest of TG's post" Hence why I said the "Admitted part". Ironically you did the same freaking thing here with my post. Well done 

​ They can call people out of their names, but one little kiddo is thrown around and they want to start crying.

​I've already spoken to Onyx about this a week or two ago, it was done to stop people from derailing the thread, and according to him it worked for a short time but the later posts became spammed and the thread got closed. I don't think the "kiddo" word itself was really the issue there. 

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​Sorry buddy, but I'm here to talk about videos games and have fun. People who want to play social justice warriors and muck up the forum with topics like this just have way too much time on their hands and I oftentimes think Phil is right. I don't see this kind of negative feedback about any other youtubers I follow, and I know plenty with controversial opinions that don't garner half as much hate. Phil's nothing special.

I actually wasnt talking about you but the others. You have actually gotten a little bit more open minded recently. 

​Didn't I read on here a week or so ago that the next person to call anyone kid would be banned?  Surely the mod who issued it isn't going to go back on their word are they

I'm also interested in how you can decide who is a troll or not when you are using a downs syndrome child in your avatar as being the son of someone with far more talent in his chosen profession than you will ever have just because said athlete, Mesut Ozil, has an odd looking face.  Did you ever stop to consider people on this forum could have disabled family or friends?  As Phil has pointed out this week he has both visual and hearing impaired fans so it's not a stretch to consider some may have handicaps too.  I find it all a bit distasteful if I'm honest.  These detractors might be distracting at the best of times but I don't see any of them mocking those with handicaps in order to make an unfunny observation.

Interesting. If the guy doesn't get banned then that basically proves that Onyx gives free passes to "Real fans". Lets see how this plays out. Onyx. If you stay true to your word then I'll take back everything I said.

​And how can you detect my intention? Lol

Some criticisms are unnecessary/dramatic and others are well-made and valid.


Easy. Every time someone has a legitimate criticism you instantly try to dispute it as illegitimate without any kind of argument. You dont even contribute to the debate. All you do is shit on it. I dont need to detect your intentions. It's clear as day that you dont want people to criticize Phil.


​Corrupt? XD What is this? Nazi Germany? Its just a guy who plays video games, Chill lol

This proves my point. All you do is dispute my issues, provide no argument, make some ridiculous side stepping comment and tell me to chill. It never gets old. Really. 


Since people here are apparently upset that a SOK member got banned, then I have a question: Why?? Wait, maybe because you're a SOK member and upset that your colleague has been banned :P

And what the fuck is this? Do you have anything to add to this discussion? Because all you've been doing is trolling.

Those people are constantly harassing and insulting Phil on a daily basis on their Twitter, why should Phil keep them on the forum? This is like inviting a bunch of your known haters into your house. 

Hold on a minute. Don't you dare compare us to the assholes on Twitter. Never once have I called Phil a pedophile, or randomly insulted for no reason. Those guys are the problem. That kind of trolling doesn't happen here. And the few times that it does it gets taken care of. 

​You personally messaged me just to see if you can get a reaction out of me. Like in my message box, you went out of your way, to ask my why I think my message got deleted, and then tried to laugh at me just to see if I would go to your level. And on top of that, then you want to cry about someone calling you kiddo. Stop acting like you're not a troll. And what have I said until now that that isn't true?

​He also message me and tried to blame me for the closure of the trash talk thread and when I asked him for proof that I was the one responsible he just side stepped and continued to blame me. Pathetic. 

But that kind of behavior is tolerated because they're on Phil's side.

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Thread has gone hopelessly too far from being able to have any constructive or meaningful discussion, and as such it's now closed. Any attempt to start a similar thread will result in a ban. Feel free to start any threads regarding a subject that can lead to a constructive civilised discussion. Any threads with a broad topic that could lead to meaningless discussions such as this one will be considered a similar thread and will be dealt with as I mentioned.

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