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What Game Are You Currently Playing Now?

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Currently bouncing between Batman: Arkham Origins for the first time and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire for the second time. Despite all the bad things I've heard about Arkham Origins I must say I'm very much

Seriously, the spider jars are amazing and it's even more entertaining when you can throw jars of spiders at other spiders.  Seriously, the Witch Doctor is a fun class.     But still no Barb...fer

Nice, bro. I actually haven't play the original Dark Cloud but it's definitely on the list. Still have to get through this one, Darkest Dungeon and Darks Souls 3. 

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Right now I'm playing through Amazing Spiderman 2 which so far is okay, it's fun to swing around and stuff like that and like the web physics in it, but has a lot of glitches, none game breaking but funny as all hell and also hate the whole hero/menace mechanic it's really fucking annoying  

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I'm playing ReCore, it's a fantastic game. The gameplay is simple but fun and I love the challenges the games gives you with the platforming aspects. Going into the dungeons and facing the challenges that await you is great. The game looks amazing but I think the main character could do with some improvements. Her companions however are fun to customise and have around.


9 minutes ago, AlucardViDracul said:

Deus Ex Mankind Divided. I got the season pass to since I like it so much. 

Looking forward to the DLC that's coming out in he next week or so?

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