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Does DSP unironically believe that his stream attendance for Shadow of War is low because people are mad about loot boxes?

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I think he was serious about that being a factor. Or at least that seemed to be the implication from the pre-stream. Hard to tell, you know? 


2 minutes ago, thatanonymouse said:

Where/when did he say that? I missed out apparently.

During the pre-stream he was talking about people being negative about the game cause of the mention of loot box from YouTubers trying to create drama for views. The implication seemed to be that people aren't really interested in playing/watching the game because of all the negative connotations the game has.

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He did say that. And no offense, if he believes THAT is the reason for his low stream attendance, then I can only shake my head. Other streamers and youtubers I follow are seeing the regular abundance of viewers that they normally get for a AAA release. Even with the knowledge of Shadow of War's loot box system, regulars and new attendees are watching. I highly doubt the reason for his low views stems from that. Instead of trying to draw a parallel with the game's controversy and views, let's just address the obvious elephant in the room. 

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40 minutes ago, FatalSeabass said:

Other streamers and youtubers I follow are seeing the regular abundance of viewers that they normally get for a AAA release. 

You are an idiot, as is everyone who is criticizing what I said. Because you somehow, in 2017, still think that I'm somehow the same as everyone else and NOT an anomaly.

You're comparing me to popular YouTubers and streamers. There's a big difference: they get viewership BECAUSE they're popular and seen in a positive light. People attend their streams because they feel it's some kind of positive social experience to watch along with thousands of other people in a stream chat, or in YouTube comments. They also, for some reason, fall in love with their personalities. These people could be taking a shit, and people would still show up to watch the turds create a ripple in the bowl.

I have an overwhelmingly NEGATIVE light thrown on me with the common YouTube/Twitch viewer. Therefore, I rely on my hardcore fanbase to keep me going, because I Don't get much, if any "casual viewership" that's in a positive light. In general, if a game is viewed to be "good" among the mainstream viewers, then they come to watch me "fail" at it (which I don't often do, but they're that stupid to believe I suck at every single game). But if a game is seen in a negative light, I ALWAYS see record low attendance. It's a simple formula that has worked like that since the TIHYDP movement destroyed my reputation as a popular gamer on YouTube starting in 2013.....and the fact you don't get it? Makes you look REALLY ignorant.

Among both my hardcore fanbase AND the casual viewers who watch me play stuff, I've heard dozens, if not over a hundred people say this in my chat this week: "OH, it's that game that sucks because you need to buy lootboxes to beat it. I heard it's trash and I don't want to watch it, why is he playing this?" And that's the general consensus among the common gamer on Shadow of War. SO, my attendance is low because of it.


 It's time to wake up, kids. I don't have it easy, I have to scrape and claw for every single little thing because of the negativity that a group of shitheads plastered on me, and that I'll never shake. I'm not a popular YouTuber or streamer and using THEIR attendance as some kind of gauge of the popularity of a game is actually quite stupid, to the point of being asinine. Or else you're telling me that every single game Pewdiepie plays is great? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Anyway, since the OP is a moron, and there's nothing to be gained by this discussion, it's now closed.


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