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Clarification for my question.

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Hey Phil. Just want to make a statement and give some clarity about my question for October's Ask the king. "previous Ask the king, someone brought up the topic of PC. I would like to know in your opinion, why do you think there's a uprising of an PC/social justice culture? I honestly see it pointless at best but unnecessary at worse and it's one of the things in own modern times that I turn a blind eye to." I'm not against social justice that are about bringing up issues on race, class, gender, or sexual orientation. Far from that. I'll happily support transgender rights and demand that there should be change on how the police in the US treat black people. That's not the type of social justice I'm against. It's the extremes of social justice/PC that I find pointless. Like what you talked about the Justin Timberlake Super Bowl controversy.  People who make a fuss about the littlest things and get easily offended over and try push their agenda is the kind of social justice is something I don't like. Again, real social justice is something I do not have a problem against. Whether it's the black lives matter or women against sexual harassment in the workplace, I'm fine with that. But the kind where people are making a big issue out of something that's shouldn't be is not okay.  I also want to take back on what I said about turning a blind eye to it and not being able to relate with people. As said, I will stand for social justice if there are real issues out there and will join people who wants to see the issue be solve. Thanks for your time and I'll try to be clear with my questions next time.



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