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Gaara vs Toph (Death Battle)

Gaara vs Toph Death Battle  

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I have a feeling Gaara is going to win this one. Its a tough call though. They both are pretty awesome in their own way.. I'd hate to see any of them lose to be honest, since they both are cool characters on my book. (by the way the videos aren't showing on the OP)


Edit: Although Toph can probably manipulate Gaara's sand.. so I have really no clue what can happen.

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Well Toph can sense all attacks but Gaara can pretty much make his attacks unavoidable, not just a few rocks here and there.

The question is, can Toph manipulate his sand, is his sand considered Earth? Especially considering his sand comes from a gourd, not the actual Earth.

If she can't, how the hell could she possibly beat Garaa considering he has perfect offense and even better defence?

I haven't watched Shippuden btw.

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OK this i show i see it Toph can not touch gaara he can make his sand impenetrable  and still attack so almost all her attacks will do nothing to gaara. Also Toph has a hard time seeing in sand so if gaara covers the field with sand which he can do with ease then he pretty much whens. 

Toph can not manipulate gaaras sand only the sand he has made. The sand in his gourd has his charka in it so there is no way he can lose control over i. I think that gaara would win in about 5 minutes and over power toph but knowing these guys toph will win. They suck at anime characters 

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Here comes a shitstorm. 

​I didn't watch bother watching the video and only look at the results; I only heard about these controversial Death Battles from some of the DragonballTubers I watch. I don't think I'll bother watching these videos seeing the person that is supposed to win the fight, loses. Even if if you put both characters on an power scale.

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I don't try to take the death battles seriously because most of them would never happen in the first place. Not only due to continuity issues, but also the fact that some characters would never ever do certain things (Goku & Supes destroying the earth in the fight.). I just watch the fights for my own enjoyment and really not caring who wins or loses.

I actually grab a bag of popcorn every-time a death-battle is posted because I know some people are going to get a stick up their butt, and take it seriously. :laugh:

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