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Ask the King Ep. 69 - Feb. 22, 2018

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Hi, dude!  I know, I'm a bit late for submitting questions.

I don't know if you remember me, but during your end-of-year 2017 rally, I did a 100, 200, 400 (for shits and giggles) tips.  I didn't end up with the largest - you had a 1000 tip that night that was fucking epic. (btw - I did have an immediate after-experience of being PM'ed by trolls, and I eventually learned - just 'don't feed them', by not responding!)

I really do like that you're a variety game streamer - I just watched Shadows of the Colossus, something I don't remember seeing before.  It's nice to see new stuff!  The visual quality of the remaster was quite cool.

Hard pressed to think of a specific question for ATK, unfortunately.  Anything I'd want to ask is better on the DL.  I'm happy that you're doing well, and KEEP IT UP.  Just tonight I watched your PUBG session with the troll tipper, that was f'ing hilarious!


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Truthfully this is a really stalkerish question... Blame my friends on Discord..... 


I seen pics of your GF and are wondering are we going to see a video like u did with Leanna where u show her off in a video? I like to see how pretty she is in video form because in pic form u cant get a full idea on how she acts and talks. Because videos from June don't help much when she could of changed in a 6 month period. Please show her in a video not just DSP Tries It.

Now for the real question. 

What anime have u watched? Or have u seen any other forums of media like Manga or Light Novels? I am sort of really like that stuff. Like how u collect Movies I do the same with Anime sh*t. So what is your favorite anime of all times and what other shows have you watched? 

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Hey Phil,

What is your opinion on the original Superman quadrilogy compared to the newer films, the Salkinds' decision of replacing Richard Donner on Superman II, and the direction they took the franchise with Superman III?

Thanks for reading and hopefully answering my questions.

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1. Top psychiatrists say, people are often products of their own environment. That being said, you are someone who has been a recipient of both online abuse and gargantuan negativity, perpetrated by extremely cantankerous and pugnacious people. I would like to know how you both cope and maintain a positive attitude whilst being attacked on a consistent basis, and if you could recommend any coping strategies that have worked for you in the past aside from just ignoring the instigator?

2. Presumably every person has regrets. Some say verbalizing such regrets can be both therapeutic and cathartic. That being said, what are your 2/3 greatest regrets in the past 10 years that you've been on youtube/twitch, and what would you have done differently in order to avoid such tumultuous confrontations and/or unideal outcomes? What advice would you give to other youtubers or twitch streamers just starting out in the business?

3. Lastly, your Batman Arkham playthroughs have been some of your most enjoyable videos to watch. Would you ever consider playing the remastered version of either Arkham Asylum or Arkham City on the Xbox One or PS4?   

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Hi phil long time viewer on youtube. (favourites include resident evil series and fallout series) my question is with so many games committing to games as a service with long life.Would u ever consider commiting to a game for a long time in the future, like a destiny type game or maybe Anthem. if it was financially viable would u consider it.  P.S plz apologise to my girlfreind kelsey for all the nights shes listened to you moan ( she likes u really) thanks and keep up the work......... BALL PARK BEEF FRANKS!!!!!!   ( also i was a 20 £ pledger but didnt understand the system to upgrade sorry ) 

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3 hours ago, ChristianOsborne1996 said:

I recently heard news that Disney, who currently owns Marvel and Star Wars, will be aquiring assets of 20th Century Fox. That means they could own not only X-Men and Fantastic Four but also the old Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies. How do you think it will change Hollywood

They already did acquire assets from 20th Century Fox.

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