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DSP can now remove channels reuploading his videos

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3 hours ago, 8circuitsiddhist said:

Did this dude ever het disciplined by phil



Yep I reported him and he got banned. He thought no one would notice him on Twitter as a detractor.

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On 1/2/2019 at 9:13 AM, ThatDogGuy said:

DSP has been through this a number of times, you need to rewatch some of his recent videos especially the emergency ones. I personally hate the drama the trolls start and watch Phil on Youtube quite a lot and that's how it'll stay. 


21 hours ago, Amityville said:

I thought this was a fan forum. People are allowed to support Phil so...

Neither of you are going to get what im saying, but most others will. Im not sure if you're purposely not understanding whats going on, or you truly can't comprehend it. Whatever the case, I hope your mission to get everyone with a slightly different opinion of Phil's banned is successful. 

You guys are doing a good job, I mean only 6 people come here any more. My only question is... What happens when everybody is banned and the forums is completely dead? What will you do?

If you just want to argue with possible trolls and detractors, why not just go to Twitter? Or do ypu just stay here and do your thing just because you know this is the only place you can actually "win"?

Food for thought.

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On 1/3/2019 at 1:38 PM, 8circuitsiddhist said:


The reason it doesn't work is because

Thank yiu very much dude

Another detractor scum slain. Join the Amityville train.

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