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Fans of free speech and video games hangout thread!

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​Kind of . I first started PC gaming in 2004 at age 12 with classics like Morrowind And Knights Of The Old Republic..I recently got back in to PC gaming and have since then played many classics  from 10 -20 years ago and I actually prefer them over modern games.

​Thats interesting, I didn't really play on the PC that much and just used my PS2/Gamecube instead.

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This forum was never meant to be anything more than a dumping ground for terrible photoshop fan art and be something to brag about, because the only things Phil values in life are having more expensiv

I also like video games.  And free speech.  And soft drinks and chips.  

Hey guys, you like video games? I like video games. I also like free speech! Let's chill guys. 

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hmmmm...Monster Hunter anyone?  


​For a moment, I thought this said Monster Hunter 3 XRD HD Ver, and wondered if this was the Monster Hunter/Guilty Gear crossover everyone was clamoring for.


I guess no Dragon Installing on dinosaurs this time :(

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its weird how the soks are even afraid to talk about what happened lol

i just wanna offer my sympatie and say that it seems he was just ithing to lock that thread lol

it is what it is i guess. keep up the good work.

​No one was "afraid" to speak about it, every thread got locked and people that spoke against it got banned.

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I'm probably one of a million people that actually loves this game 


​Never got to finish it, since my PS1 had an issue with the way the game wants you to change discs.

Here's some of the stuff I loved as a kid:


Okay, maybe not that last one...


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Oh, after reading what happened here I see what's going on.



Phil is going to police these forums to make sure nothing is said that can possibly be construed as negative towards him. Even if it isn't said in an offensive way.

That was exactly what happened with his original forums and sparked both the community and the mods to fight back against him.

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​Mega Man x6 is really a good mega man game on the PlayStation. I enjoyed the living hell out of it XP

​Yeah X6 is pretty good.  I mean for me, nothing beats the original Megaman X on the SNES, but I still pretty much love every Megaman X game for different reasons.  Well except X7...  I'm just okay with X7...

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