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Retro Replay: Farenheit/Indigo Prophesy

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Watching your Retro Replay of Heavy Rain the other day reminded me of another David Cage game you played way back in the day before you did Direct Capture that I'm sure newcomes would enjoy as well. I am of course referring to Indigo Prophesy, (aka "Farenheit" in Europe) which you originally played on Halloween 2010, a few months after your original Heavy Rain playthrough.

I think it would make for a fun Retro Replay to do during downtime later this year, and it wouldn't be difficult or particularly expensive to setup since the game has been rereleased on PS4 and even received an HD Remaster on PC which has very low system requirements since it's such an old game.

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I believe this was the game Phil was playing when he lost his job, it's funny in the game that you can switch back to the black detective, when he is porking his girlfriend to Barry White music, even though due to the PS2's graphical limitations it doesn't look like they are doing anything, with the Simon system in the game, there could be potential for a bit of Phil rage for entertainment, would prefer to see him play Bully first though.

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