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57 minutes ago, TheSkyTruth said:

I watched the entire video and I didn't see where he stated his political bias. I saw a guy saying he wanted a fair election standing next to the campaign that is losing it and will do or say anything to untruthfully prove it.

That's the point I'm making. Doesn't matter his political bias, the integrity of an election should take priority. Some people I've seen don't care about this when their candidate is winning. So as long as their colour wins, it doesn't matter to them the validity of the process and will insult anyone questioning it.

As for the previous video, could the person in it be lying? Yes he could, anyone in a video/screencap could be lying, it was an example to show the principle, (which should be held regardless of the party). There are other comments in the Internet that express this feeling, but are responded with ironic terms like "cope".

And speaking of integrity of an election, I know that more than often shady things happen, but if in general as a society you don't have enough people that care in the slightest about the truth, then what do you have? A puppet show.

Which is why I'm eager to see what happens, and how society evolves, if it does at all.

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I see this as the death throes of the democrat party, its an act of desperation. They have no platform, no able candidate to go against Trump so they're seeking to nullify the last election in the hop

Senate voted to save Net Neutrality 

It still boggles my mind that using 100% justified self defense against armed attackers can get you arrested and framed by the media as a white supremacist terrorist and that the attackers are labeled

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26 minutes ago, TheSkyTruth said:

That's cool. I'm just aware that if Trump won, there wouldn't be the same amount of hold fastness show for the authenticity of the election from the "winners".

Weird way to make a point about not having political bias by linking a video from the Official Trump YouTube channel of a guy standing next to Trump's... but whatever. 

I get what your saying, but your whole point was voided when you posted that video. 

When Obama beat Romney in 2012 republicans didn't really make an issue of it, everyone for the most part accepted it and just returned to their normal lives. Election integrity didn't really become a major concern until 2016 when Hillary lost and a lot of people on the left (including the news media) started trying to delegitimize Trump by saying Russia stole the election for him and that he was a Russian asset.

And it's not just people on the right seeing the irregularities some liberals are also talking about it. Yes many rumors are floating around on the internet but actual problems have been verified and reported in the news like software glitches causing 1000's of votes to go to the incorrect candidate.


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2 hours ago, TheSkyTruth said:

Didn't have an issue? They made a a whole garbage movie movie about if he got re-elected.



"People on the left?" The Senate approved an impeachment for him in which the Republicans had the majority of. That wasn't just a democrat belief, that was an American belief. Ultimately he got acquitted but ask O.J. if being acquitted means it didn't occur.

The only place that was reported to have software glitches was one county in Michigan and it was from someone in the GOP. I'm not saying issues could never occur but issues that crossed countrywide over 6 states with 100's of thousands of votes mishandled that should of went Republican to win the election from a candidate that isn't the sitting President? Really? If Joe Biden and company orchestrated such a large fraud without the help of another country, pretty impressive if it were even remotely true.

A movie isn't a legal challenge.

Both of Trumps impeachments were political, and I never met anyone who believed Trump was a russian asset.

The software that had a glitch was used in more than one state. 

2 hours ago, ShinraRecruit said:



If the media didn't call it for Gore in 2000 anytime in November - December then they made the right decision and should have done the same with Trump.

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So I sat down and did some of my own calculations and if there was a recount due to voting errors then Trump would get a significant advantage in several states where Biden barely beat him. It could easily go Biden 233- 271 Trump.

(assuming the voting fraud was legit and is caught during the recount)

I'm already hearing a recount would boost him in several states by at least 6%.

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4 hours ago, MasterOfAwesomeness said:

Trump supporters have stormed the Capitol. 

My political views align with the right but any protester committing violence should be arrested and charged accordingly no matter who they support.


Twitter just locked the presidents twitter.

Identity of woman killed at the capitol today has been revealed. 


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2 hours ago, Icureditwithmybrain said:

Banned out of fear of what he might say. Sorry Americans but you are no longer allowed to hear from your president unless its approved by billionaire ceo's.

Yeah, unless he actually said something to stoke violence then there's no reason to permanently ban the President. Twitter is out of line, again.

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8 hours ago, MasterOfAwesomeness said:

He deserved it.

Its not about whether he deserves it or not. Its about a few silicon valley oligarchs having the power to decide whether or not Americans deserve to hear from their President. Love him or hate him he is still the democratically elected president of the United States. 

Remember not so long ago when the courts ruled Trump was not allowed to block people? 


WASHINGTON — President Trump has been violating the Constitution by blocking people from following his Twitter account because they criticized or mocked him, a federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday. The ruling could have broader implications for how the First Amendment applies to the social-media era.

In banning Trump the CEO of twitter is doing what the court said was illegal (Preventing people from seeing his tweets). Either Americans have the right to see Trump's posts or they don't. They cant have it both ways.


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1 minute ago, Icureditwithmybrain said:

In banning Trump the CEO of twitter is doing what the court said was illegal. Either Americans have the right to see Trump's posts or they don't. They cant have it both ways.


They claim to be acting against fascism yet they ironically oppress people's right to speak on their platform.

They decide who gets a voice and who doesn't.

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3 minutes ago, MasterOfAwesomeness said:

Trump has become the 1st President to be impeached TWICE, this time for incitement to insurrection. 

I looked at Trump's messages and they were clearly taking his statements out of context. Trump sent another message out today condemning the violence.


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2 hours ago, MasterOfAwesomeness said:

Sorry bro, enjoy your last week of the worst administration.  :)

Half the country is pissed off, I doubt Biden is going to have an easy 4 years.

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