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Politics General - The Road To The 2020 Presidential Election (Biden vs. Trump)

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9 minutes ago, Zohan said:

We're learning a lot about our country tonight. Things we suspected. Things we felt we knew. It's being revealed. More than half the country is full of closet racist and morons, and the intelligent weren't moved enough to get up and vote cause they thought this was gonna be a cake walk...

It's pretty crazy I have to admit. Maybe it's because every comedy news show and late night show continued to make fun of Trump that viewers thought it would be easy, but we keep learning that this is not the case.

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I see this as the death throes of the democrat party, its an act of desperation. They have no platform, no able candidate to go against Trump so they're seeking to nullify the last election in the hop

Senate voted to save Net Neutrality 

Yeah democrats are fucked, Impeachment isn't going to mean much when Trump gets reelected. Literally nobody likes any of the democrats running for 2020. Gonna hit them hard next year, can't wait

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At this point I'm just gonna keep an eye on the Senate, as that is still up in the air as to who gets the majority. Missouri is guaranteed Republican, while it's possible that neither Pennsylvania nor New Hampshire will get a 50% vote for a candidate. I have a strong feeling that we'll need to wait until December to find who gets the majority.

And as I typed the above, the Reps started pulling away in Penn. We still might not get a majority in the Senate though.

So right now the economy is hurting. The peso has crashed to an all-time low, Nasdaq and S&P are at their limit downs, DOW is heading towards the same fate, and these are just examples. Basically everything is crashing worse than when Brexit was a thing. It's a bad sign. And the US dollar is getting worse in other countries, Japan being the biggest change.


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10 minutes ago, KGhaleon said:

People literally saying they are going to die because Hillary wasn't elected.

Well they're definitely overreacting, but I understand that there is some concern about Trump being president after all the things he's said throughout his campaign and in the past.

So Clinton just got 3 more votes, don't know where those came from. The chairman of the Dem party is going to be speaking soon, no word on what Clinton is doing.

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