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Streaming VR and stream interaction without 'handholding'

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It is hoped that this will be read and considered.  This is posted to be helpful.  It is hoped that my wording doesn't result in a ban.

1) Streaming VR whilst interacting with one's chat:   I have watched countless streamers do this.  I offer a 'How-To' to help:

@1:35 you can see the Twitch chat inside his VR game from a video made in 2016.  I am sure there have been many improvements made since this video came out over a year and a half ago.  There are also countless ways to overlay the Twitch chat in one's game ( https://plclip.com/rev/twitch+chat+overlay+in+game/ ).


2) Stream interaction without 'hand holding':  Many streamers that I watch have 'No Spoiler/ Back Seat Gaming' in their chat rules.  One may easily interact with the folks watching their stream while eschewing back seat gaming aka Hand Holding.  Mods in these streams delete the 'hand holding'/spoiler comments as they would any other violation of chat rules.  Folks who regularly watch these streams know not to do such things and 'time-outs' to new folks teach them not to as well.  It isn't difficult.  One only needs to list these things as against the Chat Rules.  The streamer can still interact with their chat and play the game.  Having watched streams since back when Twitch was called Justin TV, I know that most audiences and streamers find Back Seat Gaming ( aka Hand Holding ) to be not only annoying, but detrimental to the gameplay experience.  While people attend streams to watch the streamer first and gameplay second, few if any enjoy watching 'Chat-plays *insert game name*'.  Establishing a simple No spoiler/ Back Seat Gaming rule would end all of this without effecting interaction with folks attending the streams.  

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You do realize Phil has a PSVR right? This setup won't work. The only way to interact with stream chat is to have someone else with you to monitor the chat.

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