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Ask the King Ep. 71 - June 21, 2018

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Hello! Please post up your questions for the next episode of Ask the King here! It's tentatively scheduled for June 21, 2018 so it will be a great time to recap E3 and talk about upcoming new games! Thanks!

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Phil I think it’s safe to say Sony and Microsoft have stopped supporting their last gen systems so my question is what was your favorite exclusive on each the ps3 and Xbox 360

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Hey Phil! Lately, I have seen you read reviews of upcoming games and sort of a question in reference to how you go about compiling your honest opinion when it comes to reviewing a video game or speaking about it while you play. 

For better or for worse, whether it was for a game like God of War, Sea of Thieves, Extinction or going as far back as Murdered: Soul Suspect(In which you vehemently disagree with IGN on), you happen to be among the group who read reviews posted days prior to the game coming out. You have mentioned on Twitter, pre stream etc. about a game being heralded anywhere from excellent to poor before getting your taste of the game. Do you think it becomes somewhat of a detriment to formulating your opinion when it comes to reading someone else's take on a video game? By that I mean getting a take on a game(Ex. Random difficulty curve) and having that in the back of your mind when going blind towards a playthrough, sort of as a potential talking point to debunk or agree with when giving your honest thoughts on a video game? Having a preconceived notion on a game's strengths or problems from reading a review, does it effect your ability to formulate your own opinion or addressing something that hadn't yet been mentioned when giving your final thoughts on games? 

It's for this very reason I stay away from reading reviews, not just from the spoilers but for allowing myself to formulate an opinion and to not have someone's bias or experience on a game review alter my thoughts heading into a game. I just think it's climbing a slippery rope when a lets player or even just a gamer allows someone else's experience or opinion on the game end up effecting their opinion on the game and how they play or react to a game. 

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