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Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out soon... Phil, a suggestion.

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On 2/9/2019 at 6:28 PM, Phil said:

In reality, what I said was this:

The game is bipolar because it wasn't really designed for anyone. The difficulty is piss easy in combat to make newcomers be able to jump in, but they wouldn't understand the story. The story ties up ALL lose ends for all games in the series, which is amazing for longtime fans, but then the combat is the easiest in the series. So it really doesn't appeal to EITHER audience, even on Proud mode (Which is still easy), unless all you cared about was the story.

I can appreciate a game developer doing their damndest to tie up the plotlines to a good 8+ games, which have convoluted a story to the point of extreme confusion unless you've replayed all of the games multiple times. From what I can tell, they actually DID manage to do it. But that's not excuse for the combat, the main gameplay mechanic in the game, being so grindy, repetitive and easy. So the game is a 7/10 just on those grounds.

I agree 100%. If the main elements of the game are flawed then we can't be breaking out the 9's and 10's. Plus if its not friendly to new players thats another pount lost lossed. 7/10 is generous unless your a fanboy. Maybe even a 6?

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On 2/8/2019 at 7:05 PM, KGhaleon said:

I watched a few of his end game videos, he couldn't even remember things from games he's played. He even forgot about simple things like the paopu fruit from KH1.

Dude didn't know who half the characters were because he skipped chain of memories and birth by sleep.

This must be up there as one of his worst playthroughs.

:edit: Now that I think about it, did he even know who the main villain was? That dude was introduced in Dream drop and birth by sleep which I doubt he played.

I have such an aneurysm from thinking about this. It's like watching someone read the final book in a series and skipping three or four of them.

I think I'm gonna step away from these forums for a bit.

Well I mean Phil has never been known as the guy to go into a game with full knowledge of it. Most of his playthroughs is him fumbling through the game until completion. Thats kind of his thing that he's been doing for 10 years. Just because this game is YOUR favorite and you have more appreciation for the lore of Kingdom Hearts, doesnt mean everybody else should. Can't knock him for not remembering something from a game that came out almost 20 years ago.

Too be honest the game drags on and on and on, way too many cutscenes, the story is both ridiculous and confusing, and even though I played most of the games I didnt even know what the hell was going on.

I compare this game to McDonald's. It may look good and fill you up, but are you really satisfied? KH3 is like watching all the movies over again in short form but pressing two buttons repetitively. No challenge, and really nothing that makes it special unlike other games in the series.



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