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10 hours ago, Cappuccino said:

Best trailer from this years e3 day2 hands down

The trailer was incredible.  That's for damn sure.  I'm actually they're legitimately continuing the franchise and instead of rebooting it.

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The girl alone will knock off a full 2 points from the score of every critic. She doesn't even look like amusing comic relief like Jester from DMC3. 

It's odd that some fans are complaining about Nero's new look, of all things. Who cares if he isn't quite as anime-like as before? That being said, I'm not sure what to think of this. Officially taking a step back from the reboot should come hand-in-hand with not simplifying and slowing down the gameplay, but we don't know if that's the case for sure. I'd like Nero to have more weapons this time around, but here we saw a bunch of returning abilities mixed in with some new arm attacks. I caught a giant ethereal claw attack (forward smack version and possibly a ground pound version), arm missile, time slow bubble, backwards propulsion, and air-surfing on the arm itself (I was a bit annoyed that in a DMC4 cutscene, Nero had a move where he stabbed a downed enemy, revved up, then rode on them, but that move wasn't present in the game). The long range grapple with the arm looks functionally similar to what we had in DMC4.

Aesthetic looks more washed out than before. Not sure how much of the game will take place in a modern city, but it would be better to give us more variety in the locales. 

Looks like this may take place after DMC2, with Dante returning from Hell and Nero having taken over DMC. My first instinct is to believe the cloaked figure who took Nero's Devil Bringer is Vergil, but I wonder if it would even be that predictable. The guy over the radio at the beginning says "Redgrave is completely taken over." Tony Redgrave is one of the aliases of Dante. That's somewhat interesting. 

I kind of like the song, despite the corny "You're my devil trigger." I suppose the corniness often adds to the charm when it comes to DMC. 


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I also want more weapons similar to dmc3 but i doubt its going to happen since he didnt have it in dmc4 and them focusing on showing the arms combat.

dont like the girl, like the song. Scared a little when i first saw neros face being similar to the non-dmc emo dante. But the combat reassured me :p

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Nico looks to be present during at least some of the gameplay, but I didn't see her do anything. Just there to provide some chitchat every once in a while?

Eh. Nero still looks like he'll fulfill the role of easing newbies into the gameplay--even with the expanded move set and 8 standard Devil Bringers with different effects, I'm seeing no evidence of multiple Devil Arms that change up the gameplay. The Devil Breakers look to be mini-versions of Dante's styles. We know one has the time slow abilities. I saw the dev switch to the red claw before throwing the boss. Gerbera is described as having superior aerial agility, so I'm guessing it will exclusively have the forward/backwards Sky Stars and the one that can deflect enemy projectiles. One arm move grapples the enemy and uses them as a makeshift ball and chain. Looks like we might be able to Free Ride like Dante this time around, and kick enemies back. Hope we can cause some collision damage with that attack. 

Sin Scissors in the library looks like a throwback to DMC1. I also saw Nero use a non-electric version of Vortex against the brain boss. I can't really tell how much of the environmental damage is scripted during the Goliath (flame) boss. Will we be able to throw him at any building and destroy it? Doubt it changes much either way, but if there are different types of environmental hazards in different areas, it could. Boss battles look to be on a bigger scale in this game. The Goliath battle takes place indoors and outdoors, and the mech boss is in a wide open harbor. Whereas most DMC boss arenas aren't that large (helps constrict the player so they have less places to hide). Air-surfing mid-boss battle is amusing, but will it be like the Mundus battle in DMC1? Can you attack while surfing or can you merely evade until you close the gap? 

*sees Dante teaser*

What the fuck? Jesus. So Dante can actually use his motorcycle in combat, and he can turn it into giant twin buzzsaws? This is the kind of crazy I like. This and weird weapons like Nevan from DMC3 and Pandora from DMC4 give the franchise some of its distinctive flavor.

This could have a lot of combo potential if done right, but I wonder how weapon switching will work. Will it disappear immediately when you want to switch to something else? Or does it take time to activate and deactivate like the Pandora missile pod? 

I also saw the boss battle gameplay and the 15 minute footage. here:



Looks like Devil Breakers are disposable, breaking if you get hit while using one or if you use certain super moves (charged version of the normal move), but I'm not sure how easily they break just by using them normally. "Break Away" causes it to break automatically and leave an explosive for the enemy to chew on. Devs are trying to force the players to be more mindful of when to use super moves, I guess. Overture's super move looks like a short range magical explosion (direction can be aimed if I'm observing right). Gerbera's normal might be the artemis shot, charged version is some Astro Boy-esque arm cannon. You can find new ones on the battlefield and also stock them in your inventory to switch in-and-out (guessing this means you can't switch between all 8 types in real-time, but at least four as far as I can tell). Blue Rose might have different shot types. Saw an attack that looked like it caused multiple explosions from within the boss. Still leaves the question of how Devil Trigger will fit into the equation this time around. I'm guessing Nero still has demonic powers but maybe can't use the same Yamato abilities he had in DMC4. 

Boss' dialogue ("I will rule the Underworld, not him") suggests someone wreaking havok down there. Dante himself? It also looks like the blood of Sparda is still an important element to the plot. 


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Today's DMC V leaks at PAX West:

Third character's name is V, he looks like Kylo Ren.

Villain's name is Urizen.

Dante, Nero, and V confront Urizen and get their asses kicked.

Trish and Lady too were defeated by Urizen.

Even with Devil Trigger, Urizen defeats Dante and breaks Rebellion.

Urizen was the demon who ripped off Nero's Devil Bringer Arm.

V fights with a crow.

The crow maybe Vergil.

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