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My Thoughts On The Current Crisis In Phil's Life.

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Firstly keep at Google to get your AdSense suspension on DSPGaming overturned, there are examples of people overturning an invalid click activity suspension in Youtube videos.

In the meantime archive your videos on Twitch/KOGaming, every dollar counts.

How about giving Twitch subs more control over the next video game you play, just like you do on Patreon with Patron's choice, if you allow them to vote in sub-only chat, this could also entice others to sub to your Twitch channel.

I saw your tweet about doing sponsored streams, this might be worth doing for now, at least until DSPGaming is back, regardless it might be good to do once a week (if viewership is good enough), which could help you build up contacts too.

How about giving the top cheer/tipper for the month a private IRL 30 minute stream with You/Kat shooting the breeze, the people in 2nd/3rd spot could get an Private Q/A video just like you do for Patreon, this could incentivise people to tip/cheer more.

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It’s such a shame that WOOF was banned because he finally got sick of the constant emergencies...


I feel like WOOF should be given another chance. He was a patron and supported you for a long time Phil, and instead of trying to keep him around you just shrugged him off... have you banned DJRuno1 for complaining about all the ads on your videos and how he now uses Adblock to watch your videos? How about welcometothedabsyde? He’s a clear and obvious troll. Same with Fred Flintstone. All these people consistently troll you and bait you into bitching and complaining, yet you don’t do anything about them.

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