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I know how Phil is about PC games and puzzle games. I've seen The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour available on Steam. This franchise has been dormant for over 20 years and a new title is coming in time for Halloween. These are relatively short games, one thing I like about them is how they stood out in their time and today still hold up. The live capture in games is something the 90s had a lot of CD-ROM games had and you don't see today, so it's a bit of a throwback. I think it would be great to do these titles and the new release coming for the coming Halloween. It would be a retro play and also try something new and would fit the spooky theme.

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The music is pretty nice. To me, the game is like combination of Clue, a low budget Beetlejuice and that campy TV series, Maniac Mansion, with the point and click game play of MYST. The squeal is called The 11th Hour, which I think I played and wasn't as popular, the one coming this month is called 13th Doll. I'm interested in seeing what it'll be like. I imagine a lot of it will be more up to date with graphics and game play, but I still hope they keep some of the cheesy style of the first game.

Also if Phil could play this, watching him trying to solve the puzzles would be a joy. I played this before there was much of any internet to speak of. So you were on your own. 'The can puzzle', at the beginning of the game, is a tough puzzle, but is just warm up to others that that I've spend hours racking my brain and thinking I tried every solution and sometimes it comes down to luck.

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